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    AB Tempus

    Alec Bradley Tempus – Toro So I’ve never had an Alec Bradley anything before so this is a first on the recommendation of my B&M owner, Duane of Havana Manor in Louisville. First thoughts are this wrapper is silky smooth to the touch with a lovely deep brown wrapper all held together by a...
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    Bead oversubscription

    I've acquired a significantly larger item to store my cigars in due to the generosity of a coworker. The calculator on Heartfelt showed I need 2 pounds to keep the space happy. My question is, during the period when I'm acquiring a Cigar Oasis and more beads (beads work well when the power...
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    Boulder - Fuller's in the Millennium Harvest House

    This is a great place to sit down and have a smoke with something off of their amazing scotch list or have one of their hand pulled beers. The staff is very accomodating, a solid selection of cigars to choose from if you didn't bring your own. 1345 28th St Boulder, CO 80302
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    Louisville - Havana Manor

    This looks to be a sister store of the one in Longmont. 1124 West Dillon Road #4 Louisville, CO 80027 (Just off Hwy 36 & McCaslin to the north) 303-666-6134 Good selection and very nice folks.
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    Fridgador Setup

    So my 60 qt cooler is full. Very full. Stuffed like a fat man at a Thanksgiving buffet. A buddy at work offered me an old refridgerator he has sitting around. It's about 18" wide by 18" deep and about 5 feet tall. I figure I have a couple choices, I could just use it as a big sealed box...
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    Possible historical cigar band?

    I was in the basement cleaning last week and ran across a box from an old office I had. Inside was a dried out old cigar with the following band on it:
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    Humidor in a Humidor?

    I've got some trays and I went out and got some empty boxes to store my singles in as well as some boxes with their "factory contents". So I picked up a couple real cheap 20 count humis on cbid (they was purdy) and was wondering if anyone has used one of those to store cigars in their coolers...
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    Dear Santa, I'd like a new front door....

    I come home from work today a bit fried and notice that there's something sitting behind my snow shovel. It seems to be of suspicious size and all so I start wondering to myself if I accidentally bought something on cbid I forgot about. Nope, Smokin5 decided a bit of random carnage was in...
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    Are they all like this?

    So tonight I'm experiencing my first Tatuaje Havana VI Arista tonight. I'm finding it with a quite enjoyable flavor and body. It's holding a good ash and is well contructed. My only issue involves the draw which was really tight until I adjusted it. Still the overall rating is 'yummy'. :tu
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    Just a maduro robusto?

    Glacierman is one heck of a gorilla. Based upon a post I put up that stated I like robusto maduros, he offered to send me one. ONE! Here's a pic of what I recieved. A very appreciative and humble thank you to him. I'm so glad I landed here!
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    Tray Storage Alternative?

    So I'm starting to amass singles and 5's but no boxes. Unfortunately my humidor doesn't have any trays with it and things are starting to not only get a bit deep in there (I know a horrible problem) but I'm looking at swapping over to a cooler once my last screw up from the devil site shows up...
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    Gift Opinion

    So I was invited to fly a rocket at the XPrize Cup at Holloman AFB this year and thanks to a couple reluctant officers and the General, I got to fly a big rocket off of an AFB in front of 40K of my closest friends. And they bought the motor. My question is, I acquired a box of 5Vegas Torpedos...
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    JR Alternative Monetecristo DR Robusto

    So this is my first review, I'll keep it short. Being a born again noob after almost an eight year hiatus, I picked up one of the JR Cigars comparison B samplers with the ideas of finding something I'd like and being able to compare them to the Alternative lines they offer as an inexpensive...
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    I don't know whether to laugh or cry...

    Nice weather here in Denver today so I figured while I drove from one job location to another, I'd enjoy a nice lil Montecristo robusto. Got the thing fired up driving down the street with the window ALL THE WAY DOWN and happen to notice Lake Gutter up ahead in the oncoming lane. Cars were...
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    Denver Opus and Anejos sighting

    I went to my nearby B&M to get something for after dinner tonight (got invited over to a friend's for steak oscar but that's a whole different Oprah) and was given a flyer announcing that Sunday they will be putting out their Opus X, Anejos, King B, Ashton ESGs and a bunch of others first thing...
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    Space V Humidification needed

    Ok, so I'm pretty new at maintaining the constant humidity required in my humidor especially at this time of year. Well I had my humidor all set up and holding a nice and steady 70% average RH. (I'm happy with the average because my B&M guy told me that spring and fall I'll get fluxuations as...
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    Shipping help

    So not only have I made my first online purchase for my own personal satisfaction, but I've also won an auction with the intent of saying a big 'Thank You' to some Air Force people I met at the X-Prize Cup. So once I get these, I've noticed that all bombs and PIMs come in at least a ziploc...