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    Anyone want a pile of nice sticks and/or a humi?

    If you joined CS after March 1st 2008 then enter the contest that massphatness started. All you need to do to enter is show a little love to the guys defending our freedom - you know you want to do that anyway, so win/win. Read all about it: Clicky
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    Armored Humidor Systems 15 stick

    Kind of a tough one to review, as unless you forget it under the wheel of the car or let it fall out of the boat you may not get to see all the advantages of Pelican cases. I use a larger (1440) Pelican case for cameras and lash that to the deck of my sea kayak when I go offshore on Lake...
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    Taboo Twist Churchill

    I paired this with three fingers of 'The Macallan' with a single ice cube. This cigar was beautiful. Only one smallish vein I noticed, and when looking at the foot none were visible in the filler. It was very nicely rolled, and felt just right between my fingers. Draw seemed perfect and once...
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    Hagar City - Harbor Restaurant & Bar

    Harbor Restaurant & Bar N673 825th Street Hager City Wisconsin This biker/boater restaurant & bar has a view of Redwing, MN from just across the river. Actually, it's kind of in the middle of the river. During the summer, they run a largish outdoor BBQ where they make fantastic jerk chicken...
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    Ok. So it's July 3rd, and I need to ...

    ... stop and pick up some gas for my lighter on the way home. Right up front on the middle shelf, they had what I was looking for. I decided to wander into the walk in. Just to smell it. Really. I was there anyway, and I really like the way it smells, looks, etc. While hanging out, I saw...
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    Thompson Humidor

    Ok. A few days before I discovered this sight, I ordered this humidor - It is larger than I need now but I'd heard from others that's what you want and it made perfect sense. They got it...