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    Favorite Food For Anyone

    heres a question.....what is the food that everyone in the world likes... i will start with a guess/suggestion.....potatoes....who doesnt like potatoes of some type....fries, mashed, baked...whatever
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    Thermo Electric Fridge

    Ok here is the deal. I found a thermo electric bar fridge on sale so scooped it up thinkin it would give me some nice storage for the summer. i get it home and read the specs on it and it say cooling from 2C (36F) to 10C (50F). no mention about ambient temps directly but says that they do...
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    Big Thanks To....

    Prefy.....Matt is here close to me for school and workin for the local AHL team. I had a couple of sticks for him from another BOTL and needed to meet up with him to give them to him. Well doesnt he score a bunch of tickets for me and a few friends to catch the game last nite.... Even tho our...
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    members from europe....

    i know there are a few of you around and i need ur help on a NST.......any help would be appreciated... cheers mike
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    well i was gettin a bit low on ammo....ummmm i mean gifts.....ummmm i mean....well u know what i mean. :r so a trip south was in order should be good for a bit again now :chk
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    SOB Excutive Meeting

    yea...once in a while we have an excutive meeting to decide targets.... every good meeting needs some food nick pondering mine and daves recommendations all decided...time to pack it up great little get together for us here...some good food, friendship and a few laughs thanks...
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    they are here

    just showed latest purchase 10 beli sampler with a free hummi and a 5 padron sampler been a good couple of days for me:ss
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    mexico trip

    my boss is headed down to mexico and i am sure he would bring back a little something for me. i am looking for suggestions as to what are the good deals down there if any or should i even bother???