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    CC reference books

    When I first started down the slope of cigars, I did not have any reference books. I mostly was reading information posted on boards and talking to people with more experience. Then, I jumped at the chance to purchase a MRN. I remember reading it the first time. Then reading it a second and...
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    Palio cutter group buy III

    Palio cigar cutters group buy. In about four weeks from now, ~ August 16th, you will be able to choose the cutter in any finish. To make it worth our while, we need 30+ orders. If you are interested, then add your name to the list, stating finish and quantity. PM me if you want to know the...
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    What did you call that again?

    Over time, I read some interesting flavor descriptions that people have tasted in their cigars. What is the oddest flavor you have pulled out of one and what was the cigar?
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    Who do look to?

    Who in the jungle do you look for when wanting an opinion on the flavor profile of a cigar? Given that our palates are a bit different, I don't mean to imply your tastes are an exact matching. Instead, I am thinking more towards someone you trust to evaluate a cigar. Someone you can pretty much...
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    My pops...

    sent a picture of him puffing on a RyJ Churchill, his favorite, that I gave him for his birthday (He got four other stragglers to keep it company ;)). The look on his face is the one you see B/SOTLs make when they get a hold of a good one. The picture makes me smile. I look forward to the next...
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    Great Combo

    A '98 Monte #3, iced mocha to bring out the chocolatey flavor and almonds to bring out some vanilla. Very enjoyable.
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    Speed and RG

    I have been trying my darndest to slow my rate of drawing from the cigar. At first it was to try to keep the cigar from overheating, then I read about smaller puffs and letting the smoke linger in the mouth. My understanding is to enable you to savor the flavors or allow your palate time to...
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    I met CigarGal

    Marianne and her family were passing through where I live on their way North today. I had the pleasure of meeting a "virtual" SOTL in the flesh. She and her family are some of the nicest people you will meet. I wish we could have spent the rest of the afternoon getting to know each other. I knew...
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    Anyone for some Padron porn?

    Well, then here you go:
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    I am trying my darndest to remain patient. I ordered a humi three weeks ago. I knew going into it that it would take 4-6 weeks to make, but the wait is very difficult! I feel like my hands are pretty much tied. I want to get invloved in newbie trades, but I do not have anywhere to put a stash if...
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    Review-Carlos Torano 1916

    This is my first attempt at a cigar review, so take it with a grain of salt. Yesterday I was able to enjoy a Carlos Torano 1916 torpedo. The presentation of this cigar is elegant, maybe mostly due to the torpedo shape. I think I favor that shape over others as far as the "eye candy" part goes...
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    Lighter help

    I have searched all over the place, read a lot and now I cannot make a decision. I want to purchase a lighter, but I am stuck. Can a newb get a little guidance on choosing between a Lotus 2 and a ST Dupont X-Tend? I hope I can get the reasoning behind the responses to this dilemma. Thanks in...
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    Organizing my humidor

    I am going to be recieving my humidor in the near future. It has a drawer for loose cigars and and the rest of it can store boxes. After getting it stabilized/seasoned, would it be better to put all of the cigars in the drawer as long as I have space or keep the ones that arrive in boxes as they...