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    Need help finding a lighter

    Thanks so much.:tu
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    Mayday!!! Mayday!!! Mayday!!!

    You can also use Knox unflavoured gelatin, again grocery store, or I've used rolling papers to 'band-aid' a damaged wrapper.
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    Need help finding a lighter

    Are these thing really that good??:confused:
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    HELP!!! poll: vinotemp, humidor or other??? what should i buy next?

    Ummm.... do you really want our opinions....:r I started with a 60 count when relatives returned from that island south of Miami.... I slid down the slope with a 100 count, another gifted 40 count, another 300 count... and finally a cooler.... I wish I had done the Vino at the start and been...
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    Look what I got for 50 cents today!

    Really cool !!:tu It looks like all you will need to do is modify the curved wire shelves into a flat shelf and then get or build some narrow trays. For the price, if you just wind up standing boxes on edge for now...
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    How many visits to your local B&M before you are considered a regular?

    This was the relationship I had with my local....until the people's republik of Ontario banned the visible sale of tobacco products. I can't even look at a cigar before I buy it now.... :BS The local B&M got a lot of my business, now it will go to internet sales, personal 'imports' and mail...
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    Any sausage makers out there?

    I've made my own in the past, usually straight pork, but if you can get your hands on some deer :dr:dr, mixed 50/50 with pork....:dr:dr:dr I usually season to taste with just salt and pepper, and do fry up a bit to try before you stuff. If I'm making straight pork I usually get a nice big...
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    Shipping From Canada To USA?

    I've sent packages just about every way Canada Post offers... Small package surface, small package air, expedited parcel...etc. No matter what they tell you it takes about the same time...:mad: I've had expedited packages showing up on their tracking site as sitting in the sorting depot up here...
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    Hello ?? any one home ??

    Hello ?? any one home ??
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    When Reading Posts...Call Me Crazy!!

    O.K. Your'e CRAZY.....:r
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    cigars ruined on account of unforecasted rain

    Simple.... get your ashtry an unbrella....:r:r
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    Calling all Canadians!

    e-mail sent.....
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    Cigars For Canadian Troops

    Very sorry to hear this, I hope he is doing well and wish him a speedy recovery.
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    What's the Most Comfortable Place that You've Smoked a Cigar?

    #1 - My back deck in the evening shade with a nice beer or other drink. #2 - My hidey hole at work, where I'm not supposed to be smoking.... but it is soooo nice getting paid to enjoy a cigar :r
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    fed-ex for shipping?

    I don't know about using any of the couriers inside the States, but if you ship to Canada they all had everything off to customs , who search.....:hn:mad:
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    El Titan de Bronze Review

    I've had their little Petit Perfecto...:dr:dr Would love to get more.... a great little quick smoke for me while at work.
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    Break-time cigar recommendations?

    ERDM Cafe au Lait's or Cafe Noir's Punch Champion's AF Short Story's. Some of my at work favs....
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    6 More Weeks at home!

    Aren't 'old' folks supposed to do a lot of resting and napping... j/k.... Relax and enjoy the time off and try not to get under the wife's feet.... Get well soon....:ss
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    Mad at Carnival Cruise Lines

    Vote with your feet. Spend your vacation money where they allow smoking. Complain loud and hard to managment.:2
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    I think I found a new toy....

    I've found, in life, it is easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to ask for permission. Buy it.