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    Scotch, Cigars and BBQ

    Whoa!!! That Brisket looks good!! Looks like a good time!:tu
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    Props for Mom

    Sounds like you have a good mother.
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    Working from home

    I don't understand why more companies don't offer the benefit of working at home. My company is hell bent against it. I sit in a cube for eight hours a day looking at excel spreadsheets (my job could be done from the house). If i could work from home i would not be looking for another job...
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    19 Short years - RIP Young Man

    Prayers sent.
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    Police Officer Test Thoughts and Prayers

    :tuFYI....I PASSED!!! Thanks for everyone's thoughts and prayers. Hopefully they will call me in the near future to set up an interview.
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    Police Officer Test Thoughts and Prayers

    Thanks guys. I am looking foward to the test!:tu After i pass the test will be a big fat cigar for me.:chk
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    Police Officer Test Thoughts and Prayers

    Hey Gorillas, please keep me in you thoughts and prayers this weekend. i am taking the Police Officers physical entrance exam this Saturday. I have already passed the written examination. I have been training for the test for 4 months now. Pray that i am free from injury on Saturday. I tore...
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    Defiance Alliance - Free Hat

    :tuThanks for the link!!! I hope i get the hat. I have been wanting a good smoking hat.
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    Moved out!!!

    Don't get caught.
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    Cigar saves life!

    Good question...Simple answer. Law abiding citizens want guns to protect their family from the evils of the world. When you take guns out of law abiding citizen’s hands only the criminals will have them. The definition of a criminal is someone who breaks the law. So why would we expect...
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    Had to Say Goodbye to Kids Today

    I am still praying for you.
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    Rush Limbaugh's cigar philosophy

    My last point with you, I said that i make less than 40k a year (closer to 35 than 40). And yes when i calculated the percentage it was 35%. In alabama there are taxes on clothes and food. And by the way i do not exaggerate.
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    Rush Limbaugh's cigar philosophy

    :rGriffy is one of my Favorites. I wish he would have been healther over the course of his career.:tu
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    Rush Limbaugh's cigar philosophy

    Look bro. I know what I make and I know what the government takes out of my check. State, fed, and local taxes. Social security and Medicare both of which i will never see (both are broke programs). All of these deductions equal over 700 dollars a month. I guess we disagree on the basis that...
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    Rush Limbaugh's cigar philosophy

    :tpd:I love conservative thinking.
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    Rush Limbaugh's cigar philosophy

    By the way i make under 40k a year. Almost 700 dollars a month goes toward government programs and taxes.