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    The joint is dead tonight, how bout a contest?

    First correct reponse wins a 5'er of my choosing. Subject- The Flintstones Question- Prior to being syndicated, the pilot family in the cartoon were not called the Flintstones'. What were they called? radaR
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    Another 1,000th Post Contest

    If anyone remembers a band called Poco, they had a member that was with a one album band that came out of the Chicago area around 1968. The band broke up after their newly aquired manager discovered them and made them fire their bass player during the recording of the album. I always thought it...
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    H Upmann Vintage Cameroon Robusto

    I bought a jar of the Corona's in this line to get a jar and was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the smokes. So, I went back and bought a five pack of these Robusto's which came with a nice large ash tray. Again a pleasant surprise! The review of the Corona's says it all, great...
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    H Upmann Vintage Cameroon Corona

    I ordered these from JR's to get the jar and hopefully be able to tolerate the smokes. What I got was a bundle of very good cigars with a jar to boot. An attractive Cammie wrapper wrapped in cedar. Pre-light aroma was nice and strong, punched the cigar with no effort or damage to the cap, and...
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    Davidoff Special "C"

    I went to the Bonita Smoke Shop this morning to grab a few things, and couldn't pass these up. Anyone ever smoked one?
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    The Beginners Guide to Cigar Smoking Free E-Book ---------------------------------------------------------------- Cigar Cyclopedia ----------------------------------------------------------------
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    A note to the folks I've been bombing lately

    A lot of the sticks I've been sending out lately came from Edisonbird. When he had to quit the cigars, he made me a deal on the Edison-a-dor and his stash. He also, years ago, gave me my first Cuban cigar. It was an SLR PC and they remain my favorite to this day, six years later. When I was in...
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    Puros Indios Reerva Maxima Petit Corona

    Puros Indios Reserva Maxima Petit Corona This is a nice little smoke. 5" X 38 Lasted 40 minutes or so. Medium bodied, good tobacco flavor, sort of woodsy, with a nice finish for the last third picked up a faint sweetness near the finish. These were the first PC's I've seen in this brand so...
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    CAO Extreme Corona Revisited

    I've been smoking these for years with few letdowns. Recently JR's had a deal on the Trois Damiant (Sp?) (3 Diamond) Corona, box of 24 $69.95. I bought 3 boxes. So far I've sampled from all three, the wrappers don't look right, the taste and draw is some of the worst I've ever experienced...
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    Cammie Lovers Might Want To Check This Out It's the H Upmann Vintage Cameroon Jar. Before you start yelling, I've been burned on JR's weekly "Specials" a time or two before, but these are on a lot of members try lists in threads here at CS. I ordered a jar of the Coronas, the...
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    Indian Tabac Cameroon Legend Corona

    I've never been a big fan of Indian Tabac and I've stated this before here in other threads. Up until a few weeks ago it had been years since I paid them any atention at all. But, after trying the Super Fuerte line and enjoying the Hell out of them, I decided to try this line as well and bought...
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    Indian Tabac Super Fuerte Maduro Petit Corona

    I ordered a box of these from Cigarbid for $37 and they were backordered a couple of weeks ago. After a few emails with customer service they sold me a bundle (5 - 5 packs) for $32 with free shipping. They arrived today and in my usual hurry I lit one up while I was putting them away. It's a...
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    Indrustrial Press By Drew Estate Brickk

    A dark wrapped box pressed robusto sized cigar. The pre-light aroma was a litle weak, the pre-light draw was good. The construction and burn were good, it's a tight roll, very firm in your hand. The taste was very one diminsional, medium bodied, some sweetness and nuttiness, but not a very...
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    Padilla Robusto

    I've had this cigar sitting in the back of a humidor for a few months and decided to try it last night. It was GREAT . It's a medium bodied smoke, and you could feel the strength of the tobacco in the first hit. It started out sweet and somewhat spicy. The sweetness held on through the entire...
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    Cupido Capitan

    This cigar in my opinion has been way overated. I don't know where the magazines came up with 89 and 90 ratings for these. For a cigar from Nicaragua it was the mildest smoke I've had. The Sumatra wrapper had a dry appearance and feel to it, and there were some burn problems that for the most...
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    Fire by Indian Tabac Robusto

    Not a good cigar. Good enough for mowing the lawn or washing the car, but that's about it. Gave it a 3 on a scale of 1 - 10. I won't waste any more money on them. Radar
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    Indian Tabac Super Fuerte Toro Maduro

    First off, I'm not a fan of Indian Tabac or Rocky. Most of the Indian Tabac products I've smoked in the past were like fat cigarettes to me, no depth whatsoever. I'm also not a huge fan of Maduro wrappers. That being said........ Damn what a surprise! This cheap ass smoke was good! I bought a...
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    Damn Cigarbid

    I keep bidding on CAO Extremes. I tell myself every time, "Okay Moron that's enough to last for a while". Then I see them at auction again, and off I go! I'm averaging 2-3 bucks a stick, how the Hell can I pass that up? Anyone know of a 12 step program? radar :tpd: :c
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    Free CAO Brazillias

    First one to PM their snailer owns em'. Gotem' all free, don't really like em' don't want em'.
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    Camacho Havana

    Got one free from buymorecigars (they were out of catalogs), this was very good smoke for the two buck range. Full bodied and a nice finish, gonna pick some up.