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    JE3146 - unicycle champ of OR - An example of why you should visit the chatroom

    Well, sometimes we have a little fun with JE3146 in the chatroom when he keeps stepping in and out. I hope you enjoy the conversation below as much as the rest of us did. It is good (IMHO) all the way to the end. We decided to post it here for your enjoyment as well. It was written with...
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    My boss gave me a lighter - CLASS!!

    Hello all. One of the partners at my work just returned from Hawaii. He saw this lighter and thought of me. I'm not sure if that is a good thing. At first glance, it looks like any lighter one may have in the shape of a woman in a bikini (or so JE3146 tells me). However, flip the top and...
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    Decided to wash and dry my Dupont X-tend lighter...not really

    Well, yesterday I got all my colored clothes together for a nice wash. I loaded everything into the washer (front loader if that matters). After washing, I threw everything into the dryer. After completely drying (dryness sensor on the machine), I opened the door and on top of the clothes sat...
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    Who sent this bomb?
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    Taboo twist and Rob

    Well, today I got via super fast shipping my first shipment of Taboo twist cigars. I bought a few of each size. Rob was great to talk with on the phone and I look forward to doing business with him again. I also won $25 off my next order!! Thanks Rob! I'm plan on sacrificing a Toro later...
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    Gov. Schwarzenegger banned from Sacramento cigar shop

    Local cigar shop refuses service to the Govenator Local cigar shop refuses service to the Govenator Arnold..... Hello all. I was just watching the news here in Sacramento on Channel 13 and they featured how the local shop below, has now refused service to the governor or anyone trying to buy...
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    Newbie invention of the year....maybe

    Hello there. Well, I'm still quite new and enjoying cigars as much as I can with the cooler weather (ok, it is in the 50s but that isn't necessarily pleasant I think we can all agree when you are really trying to enjoy a cigar). I've been thinking of things I could do to my current office to...
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    Flamers - Do they really make a difference?

    Hello there. I have an Xikar dual flame lighter and I've been reading how various folks say to light up. I like the lighter ok but I'm considering getting a different one with more juice storage in it. Can a lighter or type of flame make that much of a difference? Fire is fire I would think...
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    CigarBid - Is it just me??

    Hello all. I'm new to all this but I've been buying a few things through One thing I've noticed with every order through is that the cigars look a little like :BS sometimes. My first order was a Graycliff sampler and I had to send it back due to worm holes in a few...