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    Please read this.

    Please take a second and read this. I noticed this was added today so lets try and help the MODs by following this.
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    Cigar night cob adder

    Well I have been trying to get a COB wide cigar night up and running and finally it is going to happen. Everyone keep your fingers crossed all goes well. I wasn't sure if this was the right place but I think it is. I just wanted a place to be able post pics of the night. If all goes well it...
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    I got some bad news today.

    Today my wife called me at the office, she had some bad news. Her Grandmother who almost raised her had just got home from the doctors. Her Grandmother has been fighting off breast cancer since the very early 90's. She had some surgeries and had to have them both removed back before I met my...
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    Rp The Edge Maduro

    Well I just came in from outside sitting on the steps. Tonight I went to THE EDGE. I want to THANK TIDEFAN73 again for the chance to review some great smokes. I try and not read others reviews of a cigar right before I smoke it because I think I may not give it a good chance to stand on it's...
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    Opusx "power Ranger"

    Last night for the 4th I smoked a OPUSX. I was lucky enough to get this from Tidefan73. If I could bump Tidefan's RG I would but I don't think I have enough to do that yet. Looking at it I almost didn't want to smoke it. It was very easy to cut even with my 2 dollar duel blade cutter. Even...
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    NEWBIE First Stick

    Well if you’re reading this first I will say thank you for your time.I would then like to say Thank You LT. I think I should start off with a little background story. I have been a smoker on and off (mostly on) for like 15 years. I have had cigars before but the last time I had a real cigar was...