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    Are you the newest newb...? (PART 3)

    I was thinking that it's time to destroy another newb... the first and second installments were a blast so here goes round 3. You must live in the continental US to participate. I need someone so new they don't even have anything to put cigars in... someone that goes to the local store every...
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    Illusione ~MK~ Photographic Review

    Today, the weather said 66*, but I swear it felt like upper 80's from the balcony. I decided to share this morning with an Illusione MK that I picked up at Tobacco World... I grabbed 2 while I was there. Since my septoplasty in September, my ability to pick out flavors has been stunted it...
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    NYC this weekend...?

    I'll be in Manhattan this weekend and wanted to see if any gorillas were down for a smoke or had any suggestions of what's good. I'll be staying on West 56th...
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    La Aurora Barrel Aged...

    Anyone seen these out yet? I'll trade a spleen (maybe a pancreas) for one. Any takers? :tu
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    XiKar broke...

    ...dammit. :mad:
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    Poor mailman... :(

    With the lottery, a bomb, a MAW and the winning from the contest I recently held, the mailman is gonna have his hands full. I just thought I'd post a pic... It is a great feeling to give.............. :tu
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    Castro still kicking...

    This may have been covered already, but if not... here ya go: Article - Video -
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    Smoking after a septoplasty...

    I've come across a very disturbing problem. I enjoy cigars (obviously... I'm here), however, since my septorhinoplasty (deviated septum and nasal bone correction) every cigar I have smoked has pretty much tasted like crap. Even my go to cigars. I'm getting all these horrendous flavors that I...
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    Long-Term Storage

    I'm looking at setting my 52-quart cooler up for some long-term storage. My display humi and desktop will be used for regular rotation/bombs/etc. My question is: what beads should I get for it? I heard that for long term aging, lower RH is desirable... would 60% be good or should I just get...
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    5 Vegas Miami (in one word or less)

    Cedar. Thanks for reading. :tu
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    What have I done now?!

    I know what I've done... bought more space to occupy. It's a bit prettier than a cooler though, eh? As an aside... assuming this holds humidity and such, how much would you think something like this would be worth? I just wanna make sure I paid a fair price. Dimensions are: 31"x12"x14"
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    Breakfast with Davidoff (a photographic review)

    Now that the "Breakfast at Tiffany's" song is firmly planted in your head (well... it is in mine, anyway), here's a photographic account of myself, a cup of coffee a Davidoff Grand Cru #4 (a vitola I'd not yet enjoyed prior to this morning), and a neat box of matches that came along with...
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    1-on-1 BTT DBall vs. KASR

    ...and like that. Boom. It's on. Delivery Confirmation™ Label Number: 0103 8555 7490 9855 6271 Went out this afternoon... <evil grin=""></evil>< evil grin > <evil grin=""></evil>
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    Smoking alone or not?

    So... the majority of the time, would you rather smoke alone or not? :ss
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    Having a problem with Cigars International...

    So... I got a cigar in a blind taste test that I ABSOLUTELY LOVED. It was a Don Tomas Special Edition Corojo Maduro. ( I immediately checked the devil site and didn't find them, but I found them at Cigars International. I...
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    Don Lino African Kuro

    The retailers take: Made in Nicaragua, this blend is a work of art. In fact, Don Lino Africa is a cigar you may be tempted to walk over your fellow man to get. It&#8217;s a complex offering composed of Habano-seed wrappers with long leaf filler tobaccos hail from Honduras, Nicaragua, Dominican...
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    1-on-1 Blind Taste Test

    (The old thread accidentally got deleted, so here&#8217;s a fresh start!) This thread is a jumping off point for people to pair off and have a 1-on-1 Blind Taste Test. The rules would be decided by the individual participants (i.e. how many sticks, CC/NC/both). 5 unbanned sticks is a good...
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    1-on-1 BTT - Dball vs. RaiderinKS

    Delivery Confirmation™ Label Number: 0103 8555 7490 1008 2161 Incoming, Raider... :ss
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    Selling my soul...

    Right now, I am a few fields away from having and active account at cbid (AKA the devil site...). Is this the beginning of the end?
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    Leon Jimenes Maduro #4

    How to experience a Leon Jimenes Maduro #4 (without actually buying one) Step 1: Mow your lawn Step 2: Take the bag with the clippings an put them in a damp shed Step 3: Wait 1-2 months Step 4: Plunge your head into the moist, musty, moldy lawn clippings and chow down No, I don't...