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    How about some help?

    We all had to start out as Newbie's. Remember that first trade, the anticipation, the excitement and the exposure to sticks that you had never tried? I know that most have moved on to bigger and better things but if you have the time and have not gone the route of all ISOM's (I did 3 trades...
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    Fuente Opus X Porn

    I have been on a ISOM buying spree over the last week and needed some instant gratification. My damn B&M only had 35 of these for me:D
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    Humidor Project

    I have an old Ice Chest that I was thinking of converting into a humidor. I need the room and like the way the outside looks. It has three openings and is lined with what I think is galvanized steel. I am looking for help from anyone with experience working on a project like this. I am not...