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    Clubs with locker humidors

    Has anyone done this? Is it a good experience? I have been thinking of joining one recently. It is $350 a year which is not bad at all. My biggest concern is that I won't use it enough to get value for my money. I was a member at a private club for years and years and hardly ever made use...
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    Don't skimp on the good cigars

    Not always even referring to price. Keep an ample supply of what you consider to be the good stuff. They aren't just for special events, holidays, and vacations. You'd be surprised how much better you will feel when you get to the end of a really crappy day/week and you grab a treat-yourself...
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    How do you try out new cigars?

    I am sure this thread has been done before but I couldn't figure out a search term that wouldn't bring back many pages of results. Anyway... I greatly dislike samplers that only provide 1 of each cigar. I prefer to get at least 3 because it tells me everything I need to know. 2 out of 2 bad...
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    I think my father will be an acid guy

    After giving him an entire setup with many tasty selections from my humidor I am saddened to report that the flavored cigar I bought as a sample for my wife and through in his lot struck his fancy. Maybe I should have posted this in the prayer request forum...
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    Do you care if your S.O. doesn't keep up?

    With your spending that is. My wife is overly practical. She doesn't give a flip about what I spend (within reason of course) but getting her to spend money on herself is a real hassle. I am forcing her to spend 2k on herself so I can feel better about replenishing my humidors. I can't...
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    I guess I am done with Perdoma Habanos

    I have had two and I verified the second one was at 63 and both were "I can't finish this" bitter. Is there a trick I should know? Cuz I won't be ordering anymore samples. I have had them in the humi for 3 months and 4 months respectively. They were both in good shape, clipped fine, and...
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    What did you smoke during the CS outage?

    And how many times (an hour) did you check to see if it was back up yet? Withdrawal ain't pretty.
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    Out there is a maid with a lucky S.O.

    I guess I have to start locking my humidors. I have at least 3 sticks that have magically walked away. I know for a fact I haven't smoked them because I was still looking forward to them. A sun grown, olde worlde reserve, and an edge. One I was going to have tonight. I think she might have...
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    My weekend away with my CAO 65th

    A cabin on a private lake in beautiful blue ridge ga. Moderate weather for this time of year. And a cigar that can make you fall in love with smoking all over again. It was a near perfect smoke in a beautiful setting. I just wanted that cigar to keep going forever. No bigfoot sightings tho.
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    Prepping a herf

    I have a brand new 5ct. Anything special I need to do? I will need it next Thurs. The sticks won't pick up that foam smell will they? I am pretty anal about smells.
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    CI Customer Service

    I was on hold for only a few moments. No endlessly nested phone menu to navigate. The gentleman I spoke with even suggested that he might be close to my area this weekend and willing to drop off the replacements but then found out otherwise. I don't shop my business around much but with that...
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    Sending a cigar to a non-smoker

    Sent him a MC platinum for his retirement. I have lovingly cared for it for 5 years. You'd think I was sending him my first born child. I gave him verbal instructions on the phone for 20 minutes and to make it worse I typed up a note that had 4 full paragraphs with all the dos and don'ts...