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    Reviving old cigars

    Yes...sometimes (There are a lot of old posts on the subject, FWIW.) It just depends on how long they have been unhumidified. Sometimes they are just too far gone. If you can't revive them, just trash them and buy another box. Life is too short to mess around with / smoke underwhelming...
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    Taylor vs. Fonseca 1977

    I have had both, and actually prefer the Fonseca. A wonderful port. In general, I tend to be a fan of the Grahm's house style (slightly sweeter), but in 1977 (IMHO), the Fonseca reigns supreme.
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    smoke best at 65 or 70 rh

    Keep in mind that, unless you have a laboratory certified/professionally calibrated hygrometer (the kind you get from a laboratory supply house), the accuracy will be +/- several percent RH. So, even though you *think* that you are at 65% you may actually be at 62% or 68% or anywhere in...
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    Should I fix my grass or my a box of cigars?

    Yeah - I did the same...who knows, though??? :r
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    Should I fix my grass or my a box of cigars?

    Oh, I know. I was mostly would be just too easy...and could anyone (with a degree in information technology) be that naive?
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    Should I fix my grass or my a box of cigars?

    [Deleted] Wow. That's too funny. A quick IP address check could probably confirm (of all people, an IT professor should know better).
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    Should I fix my grass or my a box of cigars?

    Perhaps you should contemplate why you are wasting your time posting nonsense. inflammatory threads on an Internet board. Besides the fact that, as was already pointed out in the thread, it was the middle of the winter, what business do you have passing judgement? We are all free to spend our...
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    Seven Year Old Madagascar Vanilla?

    Ridiculous. Everyone knows that Tahitian vanilla ages much better than Madagascar vanilla. Duh! :D That said, several cigars do indeed exhibit vanilla-like flavor characteristics. When reviewing cigars it is often helpful to try to convey the experience in a manner familiar/universal to the...
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    Can a cigar age too much?

    Yes. Unless your son will enjoy them more than you ever did. I agree with Dave - older is (generally) better, at least in my personal experience. I have had my fair share of "expired" cigars, though. Often it is indeed more of an issue of storage and provenance than the cigar itself.
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    Vintage King Edwards Cigars

    Thanks for the review. To be honest, I've tried a number of these pre-embargo clear havanas and have yet to be impressed by them. Most appear to be (machine) made with short filler and have a "homogenized" wrapper. The flavors are typically not very nuanced. To my knowledge, these were not...
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    Wikipedia cigar articles

    I know that a certain friend of mine supplied pretty much all of the photos on the "dunhill" page... (no, it wasn't me)
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    Poll- How Many Cigars Do You Have?

    Forgot to mention...all are Habanos. Just my preference, though... :D
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    Poll- How Many Cigars Do You Have?

    Somewhere between 8,500 and 9,000. But the focus is on quality, not quantity. Pre-1996 cigars are about 100 boxes or so. Give or take. :D
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    Single Malt Scotch of Choice

    Had a great dram of Edradour 10-year un-chillfiltered (bottled in 2001 I believe). This may sound strange, but being the last pour of the bottle it really had a lot of...well...very, very fine particulates in it that really contributed to a smooth texture on the palate and a wonderful...
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    Sharpie smell dissipation?

    Give it a day or so and you'll be fine. The volatile solvent component will evaporate in that time and the smell will dissapate. I don't really worry about it (I use a sharpie to write box information on masking tape that I affix to my boxes).
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    Screen Names Demystified

    Precisely! :r
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    Screen Names Demystified

    I have my moments, LOL!
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    Screen Names Demystified

    So then what is the limit of (1/n) as n--> infinity?
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    Screen Names Demystified

    Well, I thought that screen name spoke for itself, LOL!