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    Props for Mom

    Very nice mom! I got some cigars for my 18th b-day from my mom, but now that im down the slope she doesn't like it that much. Aw well.
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    Trip to Honduras

    Sounds sweet! have a Great Time!
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    Unique bomb

    BUMP! I got hit by mikeandshellie2 with a ticket!! You should buy one too!!
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    Thank you very much for the Ticket!! YOU ROCK

    Thank you very much for the Ticket!! YOU ROCK
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    Romeo Y Julieta Reserve Maduro

    Very nice review. Sometimes you can cut just past the tar build up, and the cigar will be fine after that. Just something to try next time it happens.
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    Last call on the Club Stogie Scotch Glass & Support the Troops Group Buy!

    IM JORDANS BITCH BUMP LESS THAN 8 HOURS!! (please help, im being held captive by this hk faerie and hes making do BAD THINGS) :bn
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    Music to smoke stogies to.......

    I like happy songs. Like this.
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    Taboo ****

    Nice haul! :tu
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    You favorite cigar moments picture thread.

    Chilling out, having a cigar at a friends house.
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    I think I bombed myself!!

    Sounds like masochism to me! :r
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    Cream Soda Lovers?

    I too, love cream soda. especially from WISCONSIN!!! WOOOOO!!
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    The best smell in my house...for me!

    I thought you were talking about your fart for a sec...:r
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    Strange Ash.

    Look at THAT ash crack!!
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    100th post

    Grats! Dats a nice set of nanners ya got there! :tu
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    What's this?

    I've never had a Jerichos, but was always tempted by the low prices in CI. I know some people who will swear by these and others don't want to go near them. Your just going to have to let her up and tell us how it is! :tu
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    Damn, I'm good.

    Damn, I'm good.