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    My First Rocky Patel

    I thought I would stick this link in this thread. :tu
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    Camacho 1962 Robusto

    :tpd: I love the 1962s, but the ones I've had lately have been like smoking straws. Still a great smoke to me! :ss
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    Pic of how I know it's going to be a good day at work

    Well... color me jealous. Looks good! :ss
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    Macanudo 1968 Toro

    I smoked mine last night. It was decent, but underwhelming. I had the issue of keeping the cigar lit, relighting once. The flavors were good, but still on the light side, IMO. I got the 3 pack as well, and will let my other 2 sit for a while...
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    Macanudo 1968 Toro

    Great! I justed picked one out of the humi to try it. I had heard some not-so-good things about them, but now some good things. :tu
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    Perdomo Reserva Cabinet Cameroon

    Don't hog all of 'em. I've checked a few places, and have seen mostly around the same prices, except for one.. at cheaper cigars. I wonder what I should think about that one...
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    ageing the cigars

    As an added bonus, aging cigars serves as a perfect excuse during your descent down the slope. You will soon see...:ss
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    Perdomo Lot 23

    :tpd::tpd: I've been looking to try the 23 as well... sounds like a winner!
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    Do they still make the Diablo line of cigars?

    I really like the Diablos. So much so, that I should've bought a box when they were buy 1 get 1 free. Now that the same deal is back, I may have to pick these up! Thanks for the heads up! edit: from what I've read, this line is not being produced any longer. The boxes Famous has now are it.
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    I can't get into my coolerdor.

    maybe its a mini-coolerdor...:confused: I like cats!
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    Nester Reserve Maduro or El Mejor Espresso

    +1 for El Mejor as a good smoke... got 1 Nestor resting... :ss
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    Fishing trip, and a Padron

    Good to hear the fish had more bite than the Padron! Good times! :tu
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    Rush Limbaugh's cigar philosophy

    I agree with you Chas, and mos things Rush babbles about. Let's keep this fair. "who are you"... He is a tax paying citizen who is entitles to his opinion, although we think it to be a misfortunate one. I support the troops because it is my, and our choice to. If I could pick and choose of from...
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    Comin' atcha 0307 1790 0004 4500 2198

    Comin' atcha 0307 1790 0004 4500 2198
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    Camacho Cigars

    I absolutely love the Corojo Maduro and I really like the 1962. I remember the 1962 being one-sided, but it was a dam good one side. The Corojo Maduro I just remember as being awesome (after it sat a while). I just ordered the 1962 and am looking to get some Corojo Maduros very soon. Good...
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    Trip to Texas, stop at Taboo, T&C

    Hey yall Just thought I'd share my experiences during my trip to Texas last week. My wife and I went on a business trip to Austin, S.A., and Ft Worth, and I was allowed to do one thing that I wanted to do! What better experience than to visit Rob at the Taboo Headquarters in Ft Worth! To make...
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    Review: CI Legends: Purple Label (Greycliff)

    :tpd: I liked the one I tried. It was different than anything I'd had before, and interesting in a good way. It was a clean tasty smoke that I would definitely try again, if for no other reason than to try and figure out what the flavor of it was (and don't say it was ammonia). Sorry to hear...
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    5 Vegas Miami Torpeo (now I know what leather tastes like)

    I've been holding onto this 5 Vegas Miami Torpedo for just the right night. I've heard some very good things about this stick, and wanted to give it the attention that it deserved. Tonight was the night to give it a go.:ss The cigar was impeccably constructed. Very smooth wrapper, tight stiff...
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    Cigar suggestions for a new guy

    I second the Party Source! nice place to buy good smokes at really good prices. elderboy, PM coming your way.
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    Ted's Made by Hand

    Finally got around to sampling the Te'd made by Hand cigar the other night. Here's my obligatory review. The presentation was a tad overdone, but whatever. As long as it doesn't hurt the performance of the stick, I am ok with it. That's where the first problem was. The long wrapper on the...