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    Masonic Herf in Victory Base

    is this going on again today ?????
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    Rum Runner

    i have a few rum runner pirates here in iraq and every one seeems to like them. They are ok i guess for a after dinner smoke.
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    have fun herf it up some nice sticks there....:tu:bl
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    Welcome to my profile fill free to leave a message.

    Welcome to my profile fill free to leave a message.
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    Heading out to Balad AB Sept 08 - Jan 09

    if you get google earth and type in lsa anaconda you will be able to see the base i was there in 04 during the bulid of the pool. It has changed alot sence then lol but they say its the best place to be in Iraq lots of stuff to do there........
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    +++++++++1 CS has it going all ready i know that for sure lol thanks again guys. just get with them and they will support ALL the troops .....:ss
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    i am at camp liberty

    i am at camp liberty
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    on camp liberty ....

    on camp liberty ....
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    How was your Independence Day cigar?

    Well for my 4th me and the rest of my platoon got together and had a small bbq with some food from the chow hall. Then after the meal we sat on our deck behind our office and smoked a few gurkha black dragons. Its not home but my friends and troops made it feel alot better lol. :tu
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    Masonic Herf in Victory Base

    would love to go yet no way to get there i am here on liberty but no truck and just seen it maybe next weekend and i can get a truck .
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    rum runner pirate ?s

    yeah that would be great i was just looking online for a place that sells them any help or info on them would be great. :tu
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    rum runner pirate ?s

    hmmmm ok dam got it lol. look's like i am going to have to do the ziplock bag and water pillows being in iraq its hard to find a humi out here lol. but thanks for the info.
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    rum runner pirate ?s

    i just orderd some rum runner pirates and i did not even think about it but will i have to get a diff humi for them. I have read some threads about flavor cigars with my regular ones does this count to or is it just the acid's any info or advice would be great as i a still new to this lol...
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    Some Troops Need Your Help (Club Name)

    and the winner is yep Devils Den lol took a while but last night at our smoke time we all like that one so just wanted to say thank you again guys for all the names and the sticks i will take some pics when they come in and post up ... from the devils den out.
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    Some Troops Need Your Help (Club Name)

    Ok this has had enough time to get a few names on it. I am going to put all the names on a list and have a vote with my group club name is comeing ...... Thanks again guys for all the help with starting up this new club here at camp liberty Iraq....:tu
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    Some Troops Need Your Help (Club Name)

    Nope sorry guys we are a Support Unit. Mechs, Clerks, and supply...
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    Some Troops Need Your Help (Club Name)

    we are in Bco 168th bsb out of Ft Sill Oklahoma. and our mos range from clerks to mechs and the one supply guy lol.
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    Some Troops Need Your Help (Club Name)

    camp liberty is in baghdad it is rite next door to camp victory and camp slayer. hope this helps. Man you guys are comeing up with some cool names i see a poll comeing on for the top 5 i think. I will have to get with the guys and let them see the names so we can pick then i will put up a...
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    Some Troops Need Your Help (Club Name)

    :uWe are a small group of troops in Camp Liberty Iraq. That are starting up a small :sssmokeing group and for the life of us we can not come up with a group name. So this is where you guys come in. Post up any good ideas and help us out. :tu Lets see them names.