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    I am humbled...

    My Fellow Horsemen, Batman(Scott) with Caped Crusaders and Hal- My morning started off “normal”…Fire up the coffee pot…relax and get ready for the day. I just happened to run out of my “sweetener” for my coffee after drinkin’ a couple cups and told my wife that I would return shortly...
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    A Fuente Chateau Fuente

    Disclosure: This is not a "true" review...It was an "experience" that I'd like to share. The stick: Arturo Fuente Chateau Fuente Country: Dominican Republic Length/ring: 4 1/2 x 50 Shape: Rothschild Wrap: Natural Strength: Mild to me. I've had a few cigars from Arturo's line...and for the...
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    My "Humi"-Will this work?-Part II

    Good day all! I thought I'd continue my discussion here.:) My journey began not long ago... I started with this... I then bought a 50 ct Abbey Humidor which in less than three months has grown to this... I was gifted some cigars from Mark(borndead1) at a local B&M .... Which...
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    Cigar Evaluation Sheet-

    Good day!:) I thought this was an interesting "Cigar Review" form. I plan on printing a few! Colors too!:ss Useful for Newb...such as myself.:) M-
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    Cerberus Robusto-

    The stick: Cerberus Robusto 5x50 A “Private label” from my local B&M(I’ll try & improve my photography)- J All Nicaraguan- The appearance: A “rugged” looking stick with a shiny medium-brown wrapper. A couple of minor leaf veins running through it, but I like being able to “define” the leaf...
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    Figuring out vitola-

    Good day all!:) I tried "search".:) Vitola=The size of a cigar is measured by two dimensions: its ring gauge (its diameter in sixty-fourths of an inch) and its length (in inches). Have you ever bought/been gifted/been bombed...etc....a cigar and forget or have no idea what vitola it...
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    Question about "sealing"-

    Hi All- Let's say I buy an "antique" chest(not having any "red" cedar in it)... What would be the best sealant for all the "edges"? smokeyscotch gave me this idea... Here is his thread... The lid "sealer" is a different question...
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    My "Humi"-Will this work?-

    I was screwing around with how to post pictures on this forum last night... There are several threads to look to for help... This is just one that I found helpful. Anyway...I opened my "Box" select a...
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    Battle Creek - The Corona Smoke Shop

    The Corona Smoke Shop 275 W. Columbia Ave. Battle Creek, MI 49015 #(269)966-6670 Fax#(269)966-6671 Winter Hours- Monday-Saturday...10:00am-7:00pm Friday-10am-8:00pm Different Summer Hours- Great Owner's(Jason & Amanda)-Very Friendly & helpful- Huge Walk-in Humi- Lounge-Overstuffed chairs-Big...
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    National Cigar Museum-

    Wow! I'm sorry if this has been posted before...But I was overwhelmed!:) I found the "Definitions" section....quite useful for a "Young Ape"...such as Enjoy!:ss
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    Kalamazoo - South Street Cigar and Wine

    South Street Cigar and Wine 116 W South St. Kalamazoo, MI 49002 #(269)385-8188 Nice owner(Dan)-Very helpful! Nice place to relax and smoke in the "heart" of Kalamazoo!:ss
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    65% or 70%rh Heartfelt beads?

    Newb here...And I must say...I've learned quite a bit from reading this forum. Thanks to all!:tu I've smoked quite a few stogies in my life and I've finally started to "pay attention"!:D I've heard so many differing opinions...but thought I might get the straight "scoop" here. Are stogies...