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    Marietta - Truly Cigars

    Truly Cigars 2745 Sandy Plains Rd, Ste 114 Marietta, GA 30066 Ph: 770.321.4858 Newly opened Cigar Humidor and Lounge located at 2745 Sandy Plains Rd, Suite 114, Marietta in "The Corners Shopping Center" next to Napa Auto Parts. Come browse our selection of over 200+ Premium Cigar labels...
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    Change of habit

    I think my smoking habits are changing. I used to smoke a lot of cigars. Now I find myself smoking much less frequently, but choosing much finer cigars when I do smoke. I also am enjoying the smokes much more now. I savor them instead of excitedly rushing through them on a journey to smoke...
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    Help me find the RP CF single cigar case

    I have seen a picture of a RP single cigar case. It is made of carbon fiber and holds a single cigar up to 7 x 56. The bottom unscrews and is a lighter with a flip out punch cutter. It retails for $120, but I can't find it anywhere. Have any of you seen it anywhere? I could really use some help...
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    Hey Noobs!!!!!

    It's time to PIF again. I have done lots of trades and lots of devil site shopping in my smokin days and it's time to clear out some of the smokes. I need 2 noobs who want to get some free smokes. Here is all you have to do: 1. Have at least 1 trader feedback. I don't want these going to...
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    I don't see much discussion of the brand here. Are you guys fans? The picture of the box of Serie S Esplendido in the JR catalog looks yummy. Here is a single:
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    Lighter setting ...

    Am I the only one who basically finds the flame adjustment on most lighters useless. Mine is always set to full burn! Am I alone? Is there a butane wasters support group?
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    There is something wrong with Shilala

    In a gooooooooooood way! I have been running a little experiment with my cigar oasis. See this thread Anyway, Shilala said he would be so kind as to send me some of his gel crystals for me to try out. Being the stupid chimp that I am I...
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    Need some cigar traders

    Hey guys the "I am not a newbie" trade thread needs some attention. It's getting very lonely. Swing on by and add your names to the lists. Please, pretty please? :tu
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    Cigar Oasis Experiment

    Well the floral foam in my Oasis is useless anymore. It seems like I constantly have to add water and it does not suck it up. I have ordered a replacement, but before I use it I have torn all the foam out of my existing one and filled it with distilled water and a touch of Vodka because I was...
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    I hear all you guys talk about your favorite smokes, but I don't have one. For me it is more like I go through trends. Right now I am keeping 3 sticks in my top tray. AF Hemingway Signature, RP Edge Sumatra, and Don Pepin Blue. For awhile I was on a Don Lino Africa kick. I also rotate in...
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    500 post PIF

    This is post number 500 for me. CS has been a great forum. When I was just a newbie Kenny hosted a newbie search contest and one of his rules was that the winners at some time had to PIF. Well, it's time to PIF! It's simple. If you follow the rules below you will get a free 5er from me. I...
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    Rollers Heath Problems?

    I just watched the video on the rollers. I couldn't help but notice that no one wears any kind of gloves during the process and many of their hands were stained by the tobacco. Do you guys know if the people handling the tobacco have health problems associated with it? Obviously they have quite...
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    3 smokes for 7.95

    I forgot to write down the website address, but in the current issue of Playboy there is an offer to get 3 of the newly branded smokes for $7.95 shipping and handling. Anyone have a copy handy that they can post the link? See, this is proof I read the articles, well the advertisements at least.
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    A resloution (partially) completed

    One of my 2008 resolutions was to give back to those who give to me. Well, check out my icons, I am now a site supporter. It is the least I can do to show my appreciation for this place. I challenge all of you to do the same. :D
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    What's your count?

    We are 8 days into the new year. How many sticks have you burned so far? Only 3 for me.
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    Pepin Help

    So I smoked my first Pepin blue and it was awesome. Now I am on the lookout for a box. Who has the best price? I looked around the usual places and they all seem to be 150 to 160. Right now Mikes will give you a $20 gift certificate if you buy a box. Anyone aware of a better deal? Much thanks...
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    Manufacturer concern?

    I have been reading lots of threads lately about mold on sticks, over humidification, no humidification, and crappy walk ins at liquor stores, head shops and even some cigar shops. This made me wonder if the manufactures care who resells their products? Do they inspect your location before...
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    5 Vegas

    On Saturday night I smoked 2 5 Vegas classics that had been sitting in the humi for quite some time. Both came unwrapped and to me were poor smokes. I do not have much 5 Vegas exposure, but I have a bunch of them in my humi from the devil site. Are the other sticks, like "A" better smokes, or...
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    I was a bad bad boy

    But it felt oh soooooo good! I really need to hook up with some ATL BOTL and start sharing my stash!
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    Old School "O"

    I remember these being all the rage when they came out, but I thought they had stopped production because I have not seen them in quite some time. Well, on Friday I found three boxes in stock at a liquor store in town. I picked one up because I remember liking them. Are these old stock or do...