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    Aurora - The Foundry

    The Foundry 85 Executive Dr Aurora, IL 60504 (630) 978-2088 So I have now heard from the owners of Bull and Bear in Naperville, IL that this place has an enclosed smoking lounge inside the huge sports bar. They also have Off Track Betting. Their smoking lounge has...
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    Are you near the Chicago area? Do you kick ass at Wii Golf?

    Ashton is kicking off their newest Wii Golf promotion at Naperville's Bull and Bear Tobacconists store. I'll be there to capture the precious moments on digital film! I believe there will be door prizes as well as prizes for the tournament. I believe it is pay to buy Ashton sticks...
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    Oliva Grand Cameroon Robusto

    Oliva Grand Cameroon Robusto (circa 2005/2006 according to B&M) A little history: I've been traveling back to my college stomping grounds of Champaign, IL (GO ILLINI! Long live the CHIEF!). A few trips back, I noticed that the B&M I use to frequent had some 'vintage looking' Oliva branded...
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    Uncle ChasDen wants U!! Is your state represented?

    Hey CS! Do you live in one of these states that have no representation? Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas Connecticut Delaware DC Florida Hawaii Idaho Indiana Iowa Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Mexico North Carolina North Dakota...
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    Kristoff Event in Naperville, IL on May 23!

    Bull and Bear Tobacconists in Naperville, IL will be having an event from 5-9PM. I'm always there...and as illinoishoosier can tell ya, this place gets packed during events. Come herf with me....and anyone else who might make the trip to the west suburbs! Metra station 3 blocks away...
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    looking for info on some of Oliva's older lines..

    I know about the current Serie V/O/G, but how about the other lines that might be discontinued or harder to find? Can you guys help me with a list? A B&M down in my old University had a few boxes of Oliva stuff I'd never seen before...I wasn't going to go crazy and buy them up until I could...
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    What's your favorite pole?

    HEH! Got your attention didn't I? I haven't really had a chance to try any of these barber pole type cigars that seem to be coming onto the market. I know there are ones like the CAO American, Taboo Twist, RP something... I'd love to see some recommendations so maybe I can fill my humidor...
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    discount for Famous smoke shop?

    Is there an online discount/free shipping deal I'm not able to see/search for April 08? Sorry if this is the wrong place to post.
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    is Rocky Patel crazy???

    I was just browsing the CI and/or Thompson's catalog while on the toilet last night and was just shocked at all the RP crap out there! What's with all his crap branding?
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    who has the Traveling Trophy-ador

    I started the Traveling Trophy-ador back at MMH2 and its been to Canada and back. Can those recipients of the Traveling Trophy door sound off as to when you passed it off and to who?? I've lost track of it and need to finish off the inside plaque to track the recipients. How are the contents...
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    new LGC line for 2008...

    The owner of Bull & Bear (local B&M) went on a business trip to Southern Florida. He visited the Pepin store/factory and right next door was the LGC store/factory. This is where he met the La Gloria Cubana man himself, Ernesto Perez-Carrillo. 'Don't let the picture fool you, he does look...
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    ugliest on CS?

    so.....who has the ugliest looking humidor setup on CS? Come on post your pictures!!!!! There might be a prize in it for the winner!!!
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    Vinotemp owners...did you flip the door?

    I went through the instructions and examined the metal cap/screws. I don't think the door can be flipped! Why? - the controls for the vinotemp are on top of the door and are somehow wired to the circuitry in the back. - door handles don't seem to come off or can be placed on the other side...
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    Vinotemp owners! Is there a drain?

    I'm trying to seal up my vinotemp and the diagram shows a water pan. Did you guys find any drainage tubes or holes or anything that need to be sealed up? Where might this be? Maybe you can take a picture and point it out. Thanks!!!
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    Today I smoke....

    Today I smoke in tribute to all the service men and women, young and old, retired and in service, for the fallen who have sacrificed their lives, for their families who have endured so much; all who have had the honor and privilege to protect our lives and our freedom, for today I smoke in their...
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    History Channel : Modern Marvels Tobacco!

    OK...the tobacco portion was nasty and you inhale 400 chemicals with cigarettes. The best is the cigar portion about 32minutes in. It was all about cigars. They did most of the filming at the Fuente Fuente factory....that was soo cool to watch them roll and pack and store...
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    any place to smoke in Sacramento/Folsom

    Any nice lounges or B&Ms to visit in that area?
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    Club Stogie Traveling Trophy-dor @ Detroit MGM Casino Herf!!

    I just got confirmation that sancho passed the Trophy-dor off to detroitpha357! Looks like this baby is going to be up for grabs this very weekend! So...who's gunning for it now?!?!?!
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    Are you like me? Can't afford a Zero Halliburton yet?! check out the alternatives!

    Zero Halliburton Dimensions : 12" x 9" x 5" (external measurement) Very similar dimensions and only $35 and change!
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    Suggestions on rewards for weight loss

    I've started my path down to a healthier lifestyle, which means addressing my weight issues. So what I've come up with is cigar rewards at 10lb intervals of weight lost! The rewards would start small and increase in potential..... Lets say I'm at 325lb to start... 1. reward given at 310 2...