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    wow $32 a stick? definitely not worth it IMO.
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    Project of the Day : Vinotemp Drop-in Chest of Drawers Prototype

    oh boy..... form your own naughty comment...
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    We need an OC Crew (Orange County)

    Yeah you dont want to be anything like the MoB!!!!
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    Quit Being a Lurking Gorilla Wanna Be...

    I think you get a pimp stylin' hat for your avatar!
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    Moved out!!!

    and girls....if he is into girls..
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    Scary package in the mail today.

    you should start a pass with that shipping box....too funny.
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    Los Blancos Primos Torpedo

    I would rank them as decent cheap cigars. I wouldn't feel bad taking them on a fishing trip or a windy day on the golf course. They are a little lacking in flavor for me.
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    Gotta go to Chicago

    Yeah! And there is a drinking/eating cigar lounge in Aurora area inside the bar The Foundry. Take the BNSF Metra out to Naperville and walk about 4 blocks south.
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    Any v-cut fans out there?

    The S&M????? damn....cigars and whips and gags....hmmmm Does your significant other approve?
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    420 quart cooler at Cabela's - anyone crazy enough to use as a coolerdor?

    It probably is meant to sit in a truck bed! It is pricey...and probably a bit heavy.
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    Wireless Humidity Meter?

    If you have a Fry's electronic super should be set in wireless temp/humidity sensors.
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    Who needs a new ST Dupont Lighter?

    impressive *little* collection
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    Tried a new cigar i liked alot.

    :tu decent NC smoke with some flavor.
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    Fire bad!! Or laugh at the newb.

    Now that is one way to become one with your cigar!
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    I want an A$$ Kicker

    LFD Chisel San Cristobal LGC Serie R #7
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    I shoved my wife

    oh crap...I thought that said "I *shaved* my wife"
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    Smoking in Chicago...

    well if you have time to take the Metra to Naperville, you can smoke at Bull and Bear or even in the cigar room inside of The Foundry.
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    Had a good gas station/drugstore cigar?

    Wolf Bros Rum Crooks!!!!
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    Goin' fishin'

    bundled cigars baby! La Venga or even the new Ashton Benchmade work perfect for $2-$4 a stick. You won't feel bad if you accidentally one in the water while baiting your hook. Then grab a few nice smokes for the evening around the fireplace/campfire.
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    Wife help

    heh just watch the deals here on some great sampler deals there.