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    Cigar/Wine Art

    My brother came over to take some pics for my's an example
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    Cool Cigar Software

    Not sure if anyone is using this already if so please comment: 30meg file and registration required
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    Best Club Stogie Memory of 2005

    Thinking about memories of the past year made me think of many great moments and CS was way up there. Had a chance to meet MANY new friends and smoke with MANY more friends. Managed to send a few BOTL's down the slope. My most memorable time and "Bomb" was this run.....What was your best 2005 CS...
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    VSG's Illusions????

    So went to one of the local B&M's to look around and found these.....I've only had a few of the VSG line and this was not one of them. Saw the plume on some of the sticks and wondered how old these may thing I hate about NC's is the fact that you have no date codes to know. So....a...
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    So watcha Smokin This Weekend?

    My little Anejo 55 doing it's these are great cigars!
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    What the ? is this?

    For Sale on Yahoo auctions.......Anybody know what these are???