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    $5 Starbucks card for using Click-n-Ship USPS

    Crazy quick! I'm about to go cash mine in shortly. Glad it worked out for everyone :)
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    $5 Starbucks card for using Click-n-Ship USPS

    Click on "I don't have an account number" then on the next screen, type in the DC# of a previous shipping order :)
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    $5 Starbucks card for using Click-n-Ship USPS

    Since a lot of us use this magical service, might as well score a free $5 Starbucks card for it! Found it on Slickdeals... I just filled out the form, went pretty easily! Thought I'd share it with my BOTLs who don't mind the evil...
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    Review: Padron 1964 Anniversary Series Exclusivo Natural

    I've got to try a 64 one of these days. Every time I see them at the B&M I just get overwhelmed with decisions and walk away!! haha.
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    I thought it couldn't happen to me . . . another moldy Shark

    Checked my one lonely shark, no mold here!
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    65% or 70%rh Heartfelt beads?

    Desktop humi and a coolador, you'll be set! (for now)
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    Sancho Panza Double Maduro

    These are even better with some rest on them too! Great flavor bomb at a cheap price.
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    Rocky Patel ITC 10 Year Robusto Review

    Nice review! Yeah I dig that lighter from Taboo too, it's got some fire power for sure!
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    Oops, I did it again...

    If you win that box, your punishment is to send one to me. There, that'll teach ya :) Hope you don't win bro!
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    Congrats!!!!!! :bl
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    Natural Vs. Maduro

    Here's a good thread from the past that may help I dig 'em dark!
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    new humidor help and suggestions

    Cooler + cedar trays + beads = perfection! Nice cooler $10-40 Cedar trays $10 each Beads $15-30 Couple empty cigar boxes $1 each Oust Fan $7 It's not the prettiest way (although some creativity can fix that), but it's hard to beat for the cost. I've been running this setup for 7 months now...
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    Sancho Panza extra feurte pamplona

    Yup, I like 'em too. Not as much as the Double Maduro though.
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    I give up (or down I should say)

    Now get some cedar trays for the cooler and you're good to go! Welcome to the other other darkside!
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    601 Habano Toro by DPG

    Had this beautiful looking cigar yesterday afternoon. Sorry no pics :( Temp: About 60 degrees, light breeze Beverage: Homebrew Pale Ale "GJ" Previous Cigar that day: RP SG Petite Corona Cigar Specs: 6x60, Nicaraguan Puro, Red and Gold label I bought this at the TinderBox B&M a few weeks ago...
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    Wanna Trade ?

    See the herf forum for my pics/review from the Habanos Torres herf, it was a great time. There will be plenty more get togethers...
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    Lighter Help Please

    I use a Ronson Jetlite from Walmart, Walgreens, etc. About $4. Don't spend more than $20 unless you're trying to impress someone. Just a simple torch style works great. I also have a mini torch from Harbor Freight that works awesome, it's just not portable.
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    Question for the pepin hoes

    I wish those black labels lasted long enough in my coolidor so I could go join in the smelly goodness with you guys. They disappear quick when I have them! Very flavorful smoke.
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    Opus and Anejo

    They are pretty full flavored cigars, and definately worth trying (it's damn near guaranteed you'll enjoy it), but might want to wait a little longer until your palette develops enough to really "get it". If you find some for retail, pick 1 up and put it in the humidor for a while. Wait for a...
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    First Cigar Of 2008

    Last cigar of 2007: Bolivar PC (9:00pm) First cigars of 2008: AF Anejo Shark (12:15am) and AVO XO (3:00am)