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    Interesting Smoking club in NYC. Found this interesting article about a smoking club in NYC that is selling cigar sampler termed the" 'Cigars of Summer' selection specifically tailored to New York fat cats who head out of town on the weekends." The...
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    Smoking in Philadelphia

    I am on my way today up to philadelphia and was wondering about places to smoke up there. What are the city's laws on public smoking and any good B&M I should check out? I will be near Drexel if that helps at all. Thanks.
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    Cigars in California and Hawaii

    I decided to tag along with my girlfriend who is going to visit her family in California and Hawaii, not a bad deal, free room and board all the way. We're going to have some downtime on some days here and there and was wondering how friendly the cigar environment was. Should I bring my own or...
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    1-on-1 BTT - Kimyounil & Kngof9ex

    DCN - 0306 0320 0001 1628 7083 Enjoy.
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    CI Legends?

    I've was wondering what CI Legends were. I've noticed that they are usually followed by the name of the a major manufacturer. Are they a seconds type deal that cigar international sells?
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    The slope is steepening

    Well, when I started this forum I would look at all the coolers you guys were using and thought to myself "Man, I don't think I'd even need a cooler, that's too many cigars." Well the day has come, I ordered a palio, a pound of beads and am on my way to get a cooler! What am I doing? I already...
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    CAO Vision Humidor

    Just curious, I was wondering if its possible to purchase the CAO Vision Humidor w/o the cigars and if it was possible to purchase, how much would it cost? I'm just wondering, my own curiosity.
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    I need a quick fix

    Hey guys, I need your help/advice. It is my good friends wedding this friday and I was hoping to bring some cigars along to smoke. The problem is it won't be just me and him, it will be AT LEAST 5 guys total that will be smoking. All of them are pretty inexperienced and prefer mild cigars. I'm...
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    Famous Nic 3000

    Here is a review I forgot to post up awhile ago. Today I had a chance to sit down a smoke my first Famous Nic 3000 (Thanks jeremy). I've heard here and there this was a great full bodied smoke for a superb price. It was accompanied by a Sam Adams Summer Ale. This is the second box pressed cigar...
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    Charring vs. Toasting

    How do I know the difference? This was brought to my attention when I was listening to Dog Watch Radio #111. They mentioned that using a butane lighter can result in charring which is bad for the cigar. I like to toast the foot of my cigars before I light it up. How do I know if I am charring...
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    Looking to work on my palate

    Need some help. I'm still fairly new to cigars and don't really have what would be considered a "mature" palate. I know the best way to get a mature palate would be to smoke with more expierenced smokers and review the cigar along with them, but since this is not always an option for me I need...
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    I have seen the darkness

    Today for the first time I looked around on c-bid. I know all of you call it the devil site. But until I saw it with my own eyes I had no idea the power it had over cigar smokers. The deals were everywhere! Temptation raining down from the sky. I had to throw my computer out the window just to...
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    To bag or not to bag, that is the question.

    I recently received some cigars in the mail that came in a plastic bag but not wrapped in cellophane. All of my other cigars are wrapped in cellophane and was wondering if I should keep these unwrapped cigars in the plastic bag or if it is fine to take them out?
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    Cigars at Costco?

    Have any of you guys heard of cigars at costco? I know that a costco near me, northern Virginia, has begun to carry cigars. Any thoughts? Costco is great for bulk, but when it comes to quality, it is really hit or miss. So if anyone has had any experience I'd appreciate the comments.
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    What do you drink?

    Hey guys, I was just wondering what is your beverage of choice when smoking a cigar. I enjoy an ice cold beer, something dark with a lot of flavor. How about you guys?
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    Help With A Cutter!

    Dear fellow cigar smokers and veterans. I need your help in buying a new cutter. I have heard alot about palios and xikars BUT when I stopped by my local cigar store, he told me that palios are no good and if I want a real nice cutter I should go Zinio. HELP! Mike.
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    PG Cigars

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone has smoked PG and Cigars. The main store is like 5 min from my house and was wondering if they were any good.