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    Cheers Al. Always happy to meet new folks. I hope to make the Shack Herf next August. Currently...

    Cheers Al. Always happy to meet new folks. I hope to make the Shack Herf next August. Currently my schedule prevents me from a lot of travel for the next 2 years but you never know...Paul
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    ISOM question

    For the right $$$$$$$ anything is still available. Sublimes are not cheap so don't get sticker shock.
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    What cigars are you ageing ?

    :BS:BS:BS - you know you're smoking the hell out of them!
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    ISG Course on Wine

    Dustin....there are many many sources for wine knowledge but if you have a chance to sit down with someone and taste the wines as you go along it would certainly be more fun. Learning the details takes time but start BIG....Like what countries produce wine, then what regions within the country...
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    Macanudo Maduro Review

    Apparently the MODS are still sleeping....... :sleep: Nice review though :tu
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    Does aging 9 months matter?

    The only NC I've ever tried that benefited from aging is an Opus X, anything else tastes the same as the day I bought it :mad: Now CC's on the other hand :ss
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    Partagas 150?

    One of the mildest, flat, one-dimentional cigars I have ever tasted.....the aged wrapper does nothing for this cigar. Now the Cuban Party 150 is another story all together. :2
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    Beetle Damage???

    If it's a hole it's a beetle......throw out the cigar, check your remaining stock, freeze, consider new humidor :2
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    Why Keep Cigar Boxes Closed???

    Paul...70% isn't 100% and eventually the cigars will dry. The air movement causes loss of those vital oils. I keep mine in boxes or at minimum clear tubes.
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    Pictures of my new builtin humidor.

    That's my question also.....
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    Now this is a nose...

    so much for being able to squeak out a silent one :sl
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    Cigar/Wine Art

    Interesting, I'll have to ask him about that....thanks :tu
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    Cigar/Wine Art

    Sweet. Can you do just the band with this technique?
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    Cigar/Wine Art

    I'll ask and see if he is willing to....
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    Cigar/Wine Art

    There should be more pics available this weekend after I go visit my brother's house......I'm pretty sure he has a web site that he plans on putting these up on. The original digital pics are super high res. which means you can make regular wall posters out of the pics......more to follow
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    Cigar/Wine Art

    LOL....Indeed :ss
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    Cigar/Wine Art

    Hey Mark...the Palio was personalized by Palio. I asked my brother to do that with the colors and he did his photo magic and viola! He took 300 pics and narrowed it down to 66 proofs. As I get more I'll post them under this thread. The title on this one is "1200" (cost of the wine - 600, cost of...
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    Cigar/Wine Art

    My brother came over to take some pics for my's an example
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    Food vacuums

    Do NOT do this unless they are in a box. From personnal experience I can tell you that the cigars will get crushed!
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    Use a Pelican 1200 as cigar and pipe transporter

    I have a 1660 I brought back from Afghanistan and it holds prob. 40+ boxes not to mention holding 65% rock solid without anything but the boxes