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    Blue Label

    Those are the cigars, I believe Gran Habano makes them. Thanks to all of you for cleaning up what I posted. Thats why I love this site f
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    Blue Label

    Thanks for the advise, I appreciate it
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    Blue Label

    I guess I posted this in the wrong place. Thanks for the sarcasim
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    Blue Label

    On thoughts on Blue Label Torpedos
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    1st ever 4 cigar evening!!!

    About two weeks ago smoked 4 cigars, and fisnished off a tin of Kodiak. I do not recommend this. Had my first smoke at noon last one at midnight, just chewed through out the day
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    rh question

    Check out
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    rh question

    I have a small humidor and ordered the 65% heartfelt bead tube only cost me around $10.
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    rh question

    I have a small humidor and ordered the 65% heartfelt bead tube only cost me around $10.
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    Padron 3000

    great smoke for the money
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    Sikk's Unofficial Whats in Your Desktop Thread

    5- Oliva G Maduro Torpedo 5 - Sol Cubano maduro toro 1- Sancho Panza double maduro escudero 4 - 5 Vegas gold torpedo 2- Java robusto by Drew Estate 2 - puros indios toro 3- Padron 3000 1 - Montecristo Serie V #4 3 - Indian Tabac Corona maduro 2- Gurkha Sherpa toro
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    Good Newbie Brands?

    Try the Oliva G Maduro Torpedo. Check out
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    Sleazy Cigar Shop - Gives cigars a bad name?

    Seems a little strange with the skin mags. At least you can buy some good cigars
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    Sol Cubano Maduro

    Have any of you guys tried the Sol Cubano Maduro Toro. If so any thoughts
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    5 Vegas Gold Churchill Highly Recommend.

    Glad to see the good words on the 5 Vegas Gold. Just picked up a 5-pack of the gold torpedos on C-bid for $11. Has anyone smoked the 5 Vegas gold torpedo, if so any thouhgts
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    Maduro Cigar selections?

    totally agree with the Oliva G maduro. I like the torpedo. Just cant beat the price and quality
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    We need an OC Crew (Orange County)

    You will find them at Gulf Stream in Newport Beach. Good cigar friendly bar
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    Quit Being a Lurking Gorilla Wanna Be...

    Lurking Gorilla just join. You will learn so much
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    The olympics are great and should bring the country together. I went to watch in '96. Had tickets to all the Free Style and Greco-Roman wrestling. Watched Kurt Angle win gold. It was awesome
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    Just got a box of Cienfuegos Engine No. 6., as a gift Can anyone give me their thoughts
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    Advantage 65%rh

    Does the size or type(madruo) make a difference. I mostly buy toro size cigars. Would those be better at a certain rh