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    Interesting Smoking club in NYC. Found this interesting article about a smoking club in NYC that is selling cigar sampler termed the" 'Cigars of Summer' selection specifically tailored to New York fat cats who head out of town on the weekends." The...
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    How much Spitting?

    I do spit once in awhile. I tend to do it more when I am alone or have nothing to drink. Usually when I am with others I have a drink in hand and don't do it as much.
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    Etiquette when going to an event?

    Sounds like you are about to have your first herf. Here is a thread posted awhile back in regards to herf etiquette. As far as giving cigars away, if you consider it a good cigar its a good cigar. I wouldn't worry about people looking down...
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    I am a winner!!!!!!

    Congrats! So now all you have to do is fill it up.:ss
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    Viva la Snorking! to nose smoke.

    Thanks for the little how to, I've been working on trying to "snork" more and this really helps.
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    This is how CigarFest went for me

    Sorry I missed this. There is always next year.
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    The NUB

    Try using the search option, there are a good amount threads about the nubs. Some people are fans and there others who are not. Here are a couple threads.
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    Bryan, that is truly ridiculous. By the way, let me know the next time you are thinking of heading out ot Leesburg, I'll be around for the summer starting next sat. We could even try J.Gilberts in McLean. Hopefully we'll get together to herf sometime soon with some of the other guys in the area.
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    Leaving sticks in 5 finger bags

    I agree, makes it alot easier to look though too. Instead if having to move rows of cigars, you can just pick up the bag and make browsing a little easier.
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    Smoking in Philadelphia

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    Smoking in Philadelphia

    Thanks for the thread. I was looking for it and being an idiot I must have missed it. Much appreciated.
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    Smoking in Philadelphia

    I am on my way today up to philadelphia and was wondering about places to smoke up there. What are the city's laws on public smoking and any good B&M I should check out? I will be near Drexel if that helps at all. Thanks.
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    Really noobish question.

    Like everyone has pointed out already just light up and it will spread out as you smoke it. Enjoy the smoke!
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    Sancho Panza - Double Maduro Quixote

    Thanks for the review. I have been meaning to try one of these and now I just might have to, especially at such a great price.
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    Holy Smokes, 1000 Newcigarz!

    Congrats on the RG. Well deserved.
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    Perdomo Reserve Champagne X review

    Great review, one of my more favorite cigars.
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    God of Fire Don Carlito Robusto - 2005

    Thanks for the great review Bryan.
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    "Making room in my Humi" Giveaway

    Very thoughtful of you and a great opportunity for some noobs to get a little sampler.
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    Speed Aging Experiment Padron 3000 Maduro

    You are the man, make sure you keep us posted as you refine this INSANE technique.