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    Now that is great turn around on an order!

    I finally broke down and ordered a Palio last night from Cigarmony. The email timestamp on the order was 9:57 PM. Checked my email this morning and they have already shipped it as of an email at 7:17 AM. That's impressive!
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    I think I've found MY cigar

    I've tried lots of brands and found many that I like more than others, but I think I've finally found true love. The La Aurora Preferidos 2006 Cameroon Robusto I've gone through a fiver of these this week and every singe one has been nearly perfect in every way. The taste is great...
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    Hello, my name is Sisyphys...

    ...and it has been 21 days since my last bid on CBID. Have I shrugged the monkey off my back? One day at a time, right? :ss
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    I just wanted to thank you bunch of jerks!

    First off...long time lurker, seldom poster. I have smoked cigars off and on for around 4 years now. But upon stumbling over this board several months back, my habit has picked up quite a bit. Well this week, the slope turned into free-fall. Thus far this week I have ordered/bid and won the...