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  1. J

    Great Porterhouse dinner

    Very nice! You are missing a shot w/ the steak cut open so we can see how you cooked it but everything looks nice. I saw that steakhouse on the Food Network the other night... best steak in the nation... very cool.
  2. J

    Any sausage makers out there?

    So where do you get the casings? This sounds pretty cool.
  3. J

    how do u make your drink

    Now that sounds like something I could get into - does this call for a silver rum or a spiced rum or what?
  4. J

    how do u make your drink

    I've been big on Gin and Tonics lately because they are low in sugar and hard to screw up. Whiskey on the rocks is nice when I have the $$ for some decent whiskey. There are some cool cocktails in here.
  5. J

    Buffalo Wings

    Recently I've been cooking my own wings on the grill and in the oven... this thread has given me some great ideas tho...
  6. J

    Buffalo Wings

    yes... I am a wing fiend... love the wing. :)
  7. J

    Favorite Beer

    Too many to pick just one... I am a fan of Heineken, Yuengling, Guinness, and Sam Smith's Nut Brown Ale to name a few. For an absolute favorite, I can't come to a serious conclusion... it's just too hard. :D
  8. J

    Butter Beans! Simple and tasty

    I love how that guy just gets low and starts knocking people out. :tu
  9. J


    Oh, ok... so a half keg has 15 gallons and a full keg has about 30? Thats a lot of beer... ~250 lbs worth! Those half kegs are freaking heavy as it is... I can't imagine trying to move a full keg around.
  10. J

    Let’s see your latest haul! Beer, Liquor, Wine, etc...

    Nice. Hard to see what you have there besides the "Sexual Chocolate Stout" (sounds refreshing ;) ). What is the stuff in the wine bottles? Does beer cellar well? edit... clicked on the picture and I can see you have a couple other stouts there... can't exactly make out what the other stuff is tho.
  11. J


    really? last I checked US stands for America... patriot states founded by brewers! ;) Well, cant you at least borrow them with a deposit? It's sorta the same thing... unless all the kegs I've been tapping are half kegs or something. :P
  12. J

    Expanding my Rum Horizon...

    Yeah, another thread here turned me onto this stuff... makes a hell of a rum and coke! Venturing into the more expensive rums sounds delicious and all this talk of rum really is really making me thirsty. ;)
  13. J

    Found Absinthe

    Wow sounds cool... I'll have to try it at some point.
  14. J

    Eagle Rare / Buffalo Trace Whiskey

    good stuff guys, I might have to try some... I enjoy a smooth whiskey.
  15. J

    Eagle Rare / Buffalo Trace Whiskey

    Hi guys, I was at my local liquor store today and I saw a couple of these bottles. If I can remember this correctly the eagle rare was going for $25 / 750ML and the buffalo trace was going for $25/1L Are these some sort of limited production whiskeys? Is this a good deal? I've heard from this...
  16. J

    Found Absinthe

    Tell us a little more because as I understand it absinthe with it's active hallucinogenic has been illegal in USA for some time. Did you manage to import this bottle somehow or what? Does it actually produce any psychoactive effects? How old is it?
  17. J

    29 year old bottle of Chivas Regal

    An interesting thread with some interesting discussion developing. No matter what has or hasn't happened to that bottle over the years I hope you enjoy it because it sounds really cool.
  18. J

    Chocolate Covered Ants!

    actually that sounds pretty tasty... cool find. :tu
  19. J

    Favorite Vodka

    Looks like I missed the poll, but when I can afford it Stoli is my vodka of choice.
  20. J

    1993 Cabanas (56k Hostile)

    I happened across this thread by chance and I'm glad I did because this was an excellent read. Thanks for sharing.