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    Cigar holders past and present

    I found this link while searching for a cigar nubbing tool and thought some of you might enjoy looking through what some people have used to hold thier cigars with.:tu
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    So what would you do?

    I have had the glass shattered in my Avanti wine cooler and have moved the smokes back into the cool-a-dor. My question is would you replace the glass if I can (I got a deal on the Avanti - only $40.00 off of Craig's list) or buy the Vinotemp at Target or just keep the smokes in the cool-a-dor...
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    Anyone smoked a JDV Cigar?

    A friend of mine was RAVING about some cigars he got down in Florida from JDV cigars and I was wondering of anyone else had tried them? Nothing came up on the search. Thanks.
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    What cigars are you ageing ?

    Just got my first wine fridge and two boxes are in route (wow! only a year since I bought my first desktop humidor. Damn this is a slippery slope) and I was wondering what everyone else was buying to age. I'm know everyone's tastes are different and the two boxes I have coming are what I like...
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    Behold the power of the Palio!!!

    Ok, so when I started this crazy habit I thought I had to buy a fancy Colibri lighter just to fit in. Needless to say that one went bust. So when everyone was preaching the power of the Palio I was a little skeptical. Well that changed last night down at the Blue Havana 2. I asked Jim if these...
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    What box will Santa be bringing you this year?

    My wife is wanting to buy me a box of cigars for Christmas which got me to wondering what I should buy. You know, to many choices not enough money. So I was wondering what boxes the fellow BOTL would be buying this year.
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    RyJ Habana Reserve

    Let me say first that I'm still basicaly a noob and this is my first review. The presentation was IMO a classic look to a cigar. The construction was what one would expect from RyJ. The burn was somewhat uneven however the ash was nice and consistent. The most important part IMO is the taste. It...
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    Rome - Old Havana Cigar Co.

    The wife an I were out keeping the roads hot and we stumbled on this place. Nice place to stop and smoke a good cigar with a good selection and nice atmosphere. The service was excellent.
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    Local B&M pricing vs Online pricing

    Ok, so here is my Noob question for the day. I understand that online dealers usually have an advantage over your local b&m when it comes to pricing. What I'm wondering is how much of a difference should there be in the pricing. Example: I bought two RyJ Bully cigars at my local b&m and paid...
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    It's a girl cigar suggestions

    I was looking for suggestions for a box of It's a Girl cigars. I'm looking to spend around $100 for a box of 20 or 25. I don't really want to take the time to put bands on them myself and I would love it if they would put my girl's name on them. I really don't want to order the ones from...
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    Anyone been to Vietnam?

    My wife and I are in the process of adopting from Vietnam and I was wondering if anyone had any tips on sights to see. We figured since this will be the first two weeks we have had off in the past three years we would try to make the most of it. Oh yeah, any idea of where to pick up some...
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    Who makes a good dependable lighter ?

    When I started smoking earlier this year my wife went out and bought me a calibri lighter. I smoke maybe twice a week, sometimes three. After about six months the piece of crap $45.00 lighter has gone tits up. Anyone know of anything better and cheaper? I used to smoke cigarettes and used a...
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    Wedding cigar recomendations

    I have only been "seriously" smoking cigars for about three months. My question is my daughter is getting married in about three weeks. I would like to hand out a few cigars to family and friends but I don't know which ones to go with. #1 - I want something that would be ok to both a novice...
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    Shipping cigars overseas to Iraq

    I have a friend in Iraq and I was wanting to send him some cigars. Does anyone have any ideas about the best and cheapest way to do this? He said it usually takes 2 to 3 weeks for the mail. Thanks in advance for any help. BigDawgFan