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    WOW! B-day cigar.

    that's your problem there, got married too early :r I kid, I kid.... ;) VSG's are some nice smokes, enjoy the rest of your birthday! :D
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    Stogie Fresh Interview with Moki

    Thanks for the interview, whenever I see Moki's name I always think of the Padron Millennium humidor ;)
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    H@LY $h!T Toms contest porn

    :dr what a haul!
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    What is this crap????

    looks like you tried to link to your webmail, that won't work ;)
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    What is this crap????

    WTucker999 uses AOL :r :z
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    my little project

    That is awesome, I want to move out of my garage and into something like that :D
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    Just a Little Venting

    I can't stand when this happens :c We went to my wife's hometown last year for Christmas. We went out to a bar named Aficionado's. I was the only person in there smoking a cigar and half the people in there were smoking cigs (they have a humi in there with overpriced sticks). A couple people...
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    Diamond Crown Robusto No. 4

    I just smoked a Diamond Crown Robusto No. 5 One dimensional, uneventful and overpriced. I paid 8 or 9 for this, was expecting much more. :2 I still want to try a Diamond Crown Maximus. I don't think I'll be getting any more from this line though.
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    Cigar domain names for sale

    post it in the WTS forum ;)
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    Last Cigar of 2006 and first cigar of 2007.

    Last of 2006: San Cristobal de la Habana Oficio First of 2007: Partagas Lusitania :dr
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    Ashton VSG vs Padron Anni. 64- Super Premium Face Off

    I wouldn't consider either to be Super Premium (by a long shot), but I would have to go with the Padrons here.
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    2007 Sexy Women Smoking Cigars Calendar

    :D and that's not the worse one! just do a little :aland she'll start to look hot looks like Nestor has the right idea ;)
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    2007 Sexy Women Smoking Cigars Calendar

    trust me, you didn't offend me, but I thought the site was somewhat shady when I saw that. Some of his cigar smoking 'babes' just aren't that good looking YIKES
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    For the BIG spender...

    MSRP: $750 per cigar. :BS for true suckers only :sl
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    2007 Sexy Women Smoking Cigars Calendar

    gotta love a cigar site that links xxx sites :rolleyes:
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    My 2007 Cigar Budget

    I feel your pain. Lucky for me I get $100 to do with what I please from each check. I am trying to save up for a new laptop, so I have to really watch my purchases. :mad:
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    North to Alaska

    we better party before you leave :al :w you can leave the goat with me while you are gone ;)
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    I think this is a bit much.

    :mn I pitty the fool who wins this auction.
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    Has anyone ever smoked The Egg by Drew Estate?

    interesting looking smoke, but like you, I stay away from Drew Estate :BS