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    Weekly Shipping

    Im finding it real hard to make a bid on some cigars from Cbid. The auction ends tomorrow would not ship out till Thursday, So they would be sitting in a ups hub till monday. I'm a little concerned about that. Was wanting to hear the thoughts of other members about this... I know most people use...
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    Edge Sumatra

    Holt's Is haveing a sale on the Edge Sumatra. $ 74.99 for Toro's and Torpedo's. I've been wanting to get a box for some time now. A sale was just the excuse I needed. Better get on them before their gone forever. (If this is in the wrong place please relocate)...
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    Are these the same beads we use as RH beads from Heartfelf and cigarmony.. I added a drop of water to them and they turned clear. got them out of a box of wadeing shoes I bought. Any ideas...Brian
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    Palio cutter combo

    Just pulled the trigger on this combo. Seemed like a good deal. I do a lot of fishing from bass boat and canoe. And I've been wanting a Palio cutter for some time now. Just thought I'd pass along a bargain.. Brian...:ss...
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    Cigar ****

    Got my shipment in today. After a few weeks rest Ill be bouncing off the walls. Im so happy.. Brian..:ss
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    Search is over

    After searching for over a year I've found the cheaper everday smoke. The Saint Luis Rey. It fills every need, Taste and price. The first couple of times I smoked this cigar I did'nt like it. A testament to how the pallet evolves, I guess. They can be found from just under $2.00 to a little...
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    CI weekley deal

    Just pulled the trigger on a box of IT tomahawk $29 bucks couldn't pass them up. Offer good till the 14th.. Happy clouds Brian..:ss
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    Gran Habano Pyramid #5

    Beautiful Dark brown corojo wrapper that's heavy in the hand and oiley, with vains. A rustic looking cigar, I call it. Starts of smooth and creamy, with hints of buttery nut flavor. Ash held long and strong to about 1 1/2, whitish gray. Only knocked it off because burn became Irregular and...
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    Partagas Black Lable-Bravo

    My first cigar review, The partagus black Bravo Has a gorgeous black oily maduro rapper that feels like a piece of leather in your hands. Very thick and heavy, a solid beauty she is. I was expecting a very strong tasting cigar that was going to knock me on my butt, but found it to be a very...
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    Tampa Humidor

    I seen a post about Tampa Humidor selling cigars. I thought they only sold humidors and accessories. After checking out the site, They offer free shipping as well. And their prices aren't out of line. Just a heads up.
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    The Edge counterfeits

    Can anyone give a review on this cigar. (I did a search) that only gave one mans feedback that said it wasn't 100% the same as the real Edge. Thanks in advance. ...Brian
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    Bundle vs Boxed

    Are bundled cigars the same as the exact cigar in a box? Refering to Indian Tabac super Fuerte. Maybe i just recieved a overly wet bundle, But would like to know your thoughts..... Thanks Brian:ss
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    Help a newbe out FOG

    I just recieved a bundle of yardgars from TNT the first cigar i pulled out had a beetle that had eat its way out of the cigar and was under the cello waveing at me. He said his name was Carlos and that he had hitched a ride up from Nicaragua and was looking for a part time job and a fat american...
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    At the B & M

    Was at the local B-M today, was talking cigars with the owner. Now he has been in business since 1958. We got on the subject of humidors, He said the best humi was to put your stogies in a tuperware container and put it in the refrig. He said the frig kept constant 70% rh and the right temp. any...
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    How Long

    How long does it take to salt test a digital hygrometer, I have three and they all read something different.... Thanks ...Brian
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    Missing Stogies

    Just won my first auction at c-bid, They used DHL as Delivery service. DHL clames the left package at front door thursday. Now i live in a pretty good neighbor hood and don't think they were stolen. But who knows. I was wandering if any BOTL has experienced this ? and what can i do ??? Thanks in...
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    A Real Stinker

    I just finished one of my long time go to Cigars, and all i can say is what a stinker. It was a Padron 3000 Maduro. I've smoked tons of these cigars and have really enjoyed them, left my palate felling like i just smoked a roll of cardboard. I just picked this stick up at the local B&M Friday...