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    Cigar cutter confiscated at airport.

    Great plan it is never worth arguing with the screeners. I worked for the army watching security at airports from OCT01-SEP02 and found the rules chainged alot and was amased at the things people had to throw out and the ones who would cause a argument over a pack of matches or the cork screw...
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    *Bagram Tiki Bar*

    Re: Need help with Tiki bar in Bagram Afghan well im up in bagram what time do you usaly hang out
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    Place to smoke in Buffalo

    I will be taking a trip to visit family soon it will put me in Buffalo NY I will be stopping by one of the B&M I know in the area to get some thing nice not sure what yet. Dose any one know any place in Buffalo that lets you smoke a stick and drink a beer at the same time?
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    *Bagram Tiki Bar*

    Re: Need help with Tiki bar in Bagram Afghan I will be stoping up there in a couple of days If I get a Chance i will stop by
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    Those damn stinky cigars...

    Other than swishers when I was a kid I started on cojimar vanillas and I still keep some on hand occasionally still smoke them and give away some. Mostly I think I have lost the taste for them now that I can appreciate the flavors of the cigar itself. I do find that woman and people who...
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    a half of a cigar

    I wont keep half a cigar
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    Cojimar Senoras Vanilla

    any one elce have an ishue With these
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    torches in Afghanistan

    I have tried emptying and refilling and the lighter was empty I got it and some times it will light once or twice but that is it and I have tried adjusting the flame. Will have to look into quality of butane I did not realize there was variances in the caned fuel but i have tryed the 3 diferent...
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    torches in Afghanistan

    I have tried a couple of different torch lighters here at just over 5000 ft and they don’t seem to work very well has any one had trouble with torch lighters at high altitude? If so any one know a fix. The lighters have gas coming out but when they spark it poofs then gut gas no flame
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    Cojimar Senoras Vanilla

    On occasion I like a flavored cigar but I like to keep them in a reasonable price range, as I seem to taste the flavor more than the tobacco. In trips to the B&M I found that I liked Cojimar Senoras Vanilla. So when setting up the humidor here I decided to get a box. I had not smoked one in...
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    Buffalo Wings

    [:tpd:'s. From what I can tell of the 40 some odd people who have posted to this thread, 3 have actually eaten Buffalo wings. Odd.:r They do seem to call alot of diferent fried chicken buffalo wings
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    Buffalo Wings

    I moved from buffalo to Syracuse about 2 years ago and I go to the places my friends say have good wings and thay just dont mesure up to good ones in buffalo usaly not fried longenuff or hot enuff i dont like a soggy wing:mn
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    Unprovoked Attack!

    Nice Bomb
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    Smoking double fisted

    I have luck in the past receiving the individually wrapped Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares in the mail it may just have been luck but they where never badly melted even in the heat of the Iraqi summer when I had to wait for TikiHut27 to deliver packages.
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    Cigar side effect?

    I allways blamed it on the malaria medication. Sometimes it comes over me when im relaxing with a cigar but i dont know if that is any more prevalent then any other time.
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    Our Best and Brightest.

    I wish it where unnesesary for wars to be fought but sence thay must I know most of us would never wish for our friends to fight without us.
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    Punch or Cut

    I cut with the exception of flavored cigars i smoke ocasonaly then i like to punch or vcut due to the flavored cap
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    Padron Londres

    I got a Padron Palmas Maduro in a sampler pack my last orsed i thought it smoked very wll and continued to get beter untill the end. I just orddered a box seemed to be a stick i should keep on hand:tu