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    Is Your cigar delivery effected buy hurricane Ike?

    My Cigar delivery has been set back because of Hurricane Ike. It was supposed to be here today, but do to the hurricane UPS can't give me a ship date. They said as soon as they are back up an running they will begin moving packages. I hope it's not to long.........:confused:
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    Trinidad Corona

    Over all construction very nice no large veins. Pre lite draw was perfect. Noticed hints of floral and spice. 1st third : Noticed hints of floral and spice , but very smooth . 2nd third: Still very smooth , noticing a very creamy taste , with a touch of earth and leather. 3rd third: now noticing...
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    To many cigars for my 100cnt. humi ?

    Getting ready to purchase another box of smokes. This will put my cigar count at about 94 in my hundred count humi.Talking with my local B&M He said a hundred count humi . Really should only hold about 80 smokes. said ther needs to be room for air to circulate . If I buy a box of 25 and bring my...
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    Trying to decide on box of cigars

    I enjoy a full to mediim bodied cirgars with a nice creamy flavor, I was just curios if any of you had any thoughts on cigars in the 100 to 150 dollar range to look in to.
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    Partagas Spanish Rosado

    Just wondering if anyone has tried this line. I searched the reviews and couldn't come up with anything.
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    Punch Rare Corojo

    Punch Rare Corojo Construction: Box Press 6” with ring gage of about 44. Nice Draw slightly sweet taste. 1st Third: I am noticing a sweet earthy taste, white creamy smoke with, nice white ash, so far very nice. Ash about an inch and half long before ashing. 2nd Third: Cigar has mellowed...
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    R.P Vigilante

    R.P Vigilante Construction: Good, Nice oily rapper, no large veins. Pre lit draw: A little looser than I like. 1St Third: Very mild, almost a bland taste, slightly earthy. So far it has an even burn, the ash is kind of dark. Still not noticing any real flavor in this smoke. Second Third...
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    CI Brown bag special

    Just curious if anyone has purchased this and if so what kind of smokes did you end up with?
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    Easter Smoke

    Do you all have a special smoke set aside for Easter?
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    R.P Sungrown

    R.P Sungrown Robusto Length 5.5 Ringage 50 Construction : Dark Brown shiny , oily rapper . No large veins on the cigar , tight and compact. Over an A+ I cut it with a cheep cutter and it made a perfect cut. No loose ends. Prelit draw : Sweet fruity over tones with a medium draw. Fist...
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    Victor Sinclair

    I was wondering if anyone has tried any of the brands listed below. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks ~ Andy Victor Sinclair Connecticut Yankee Toro Victor Sinclair Primeros Toro Victor Sinclair Triple Corojo Toro Victor Sinclair Vintage Select Toro
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    R.P. Vintage 90/92 seconds

    Just curious if anyone has tried ether the 90 or 92 RP seconds? I am thinking of bidding on some but was curious if they are close in taste to the original vintage.
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    hygrometer salt test calibration

    Let me start by saying my digital hygro is being shipped . I did a salt test on my anolog hygro .It should read 75% RH correct? It reads 85%. Being off 10% in my humi reading 80 % is really 70% Am I correct in my thinking?
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    My latest purchase

    R.P Sun Grown robusto Perdoma Reserve Sampler
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    C Bid ?

    I have quick question. I placed a bid on cbid. There are 2 lots available . For a day or so my bid was highest. I have been out bid buy a few bucks but I still show to be winning the bid . Is this becuase there are 2 lots and the other guy is only bidding on one? or do I need to up my bid ? I...
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    I have a 100 count humi. I am using 3-2oz jars of crystals for humidification my hygrometer is analog. I have two isolating fans on in the room cause I can't sleep with out them . At night my humi. drops to about 50 during the day it gets to about 60 -62. I talked with my local tobacconist , he...
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    Kiln Dried Spanish Cedar

    When making a coolador are you lining there inside with spanish cedar ? If so where can you purchase the wood ?
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    bundles / premium

    I was wanting some input on having bundle cheaper cigars in the same humidor with some premium cigars .I have some of both in my humidor.I have gotten different opions on this.