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    Savannah - Churchill's Pub

    Churchill's 13-17 West Bay St Savannah, GA 31404 (912) 232-8501 Sunday-Friday: open at 5pm Saturday: open at noon (The bars in Savannah try to close in time for you to get to work in the morning :tu) Website: Located in the historicalist of the historic district in...
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    LVH Silencios - Substitutes?

    These were some of my favorites starting out, and still are to this day, especially in the morning with my coffee. I've got 3 left in the humi, but since they're discontinued, and it seems unlikely I'll find any more, I guess it might be a good idea to find a suitable replacement. Does anybody...
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    Don Kiki Red Label Cortos

    Who's tried them (or wants to)? Saw a special on Cuban Crafters, and the price looks great, but even $20 is too much to spend if the cigars aren't very good. Any experience with these?
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    Tierra Del Sol Robusto Maduro

    Background: I picked up a 5-Pack of these smokes on CBid for $5. My first win! Woohoo! (BTW these are marked way down on CI right now) It's been sitting in my humi for about a month, and I finally got around to smoking one last night. Drink: Strongbow English Cider...and a glass of spiced...
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    5 Vegas 'A' cedar wrap

    I was wondering if any of my fellow Gorillas have any opinions on whether to leave on or remove the cedar wrap that comes on 5 Vegas 'A' sticks. I picked up a 5-pack of Artisans on Cbid, and they came in today. What are your experiences with how the flavor changes over time with the cedar...
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    Got my humidor yesterday

    I actually had someone send me one he wasn't using anymore, so it was what you might call a "great deal". Now I've just got to fill that baby up. Any suggestions? P.S. will post pictures soon.