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    Marietta - Truly Cigars

    Truly Cigars 2745 Sandy Plains Rd, Ste 114 Marietta, GA 30066 Ph: 770.321.4858 Newly opened Cigar Humidor and Lounge located at 2745 Sandy Plains Rd, Suite 114, Marietta in "The Corners Shopping Center" next to Napa Auto Parts. Come browse our selection of over 200+ Premium Cigar labels...
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    Trip to Denver! Questions about stores and cigars on the plane...

    I have never had a problem traveling with unbanded cigars.
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    Thanks for the bump!

    Thanks for the bump!
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    The Devil Site jumped teh Shark

    Try it, you will find out for yourself. Just don't say you were not warned. :mn
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    And you DO NOT want to see what is in there.
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    Change of habit

    I have already completed phase 4, now I guess I just need to work on phase 3.
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    Change of habit

    I think my smoking habits are changing. I used to smoke a lot of cigars. Now I find myself smoking much less frequently, but choosing much finer cigars when I do smoke. I also am enjoying the smokes much more now. I savor them instead of excitedly rushing through them on a journey to smoke...
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    Bundle Cigars - Which Are The Best?

    I think for just a little more than the bundles I like the Sancho Panza DM, boxes can be had under $40. :tu
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    spent cigars

    I eat mine for breakfast ... :r Actually I have a large terra cotta planter that is full of evidence. I dump it once and a while, this way it doesn't look bad in the yard. It also allows me to throw in the end of the sticks still lit which help with the smell.
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    Sigh...My Girlfriend is going to kill me...

    Nice pick up. FWIW I have used every method mentioned here and I have also used honesty. They say honesty is the best policy, but I don't believe it.
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    Project of the Day : Engraved Oak 3 Stick Travel Case

    I couldn't even make the box, there is no way I could perfect an alternative lid.
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    Project of the Day : Engraved Oak 3 Stick Travel Case

    Awesome project. I have an idea for the same project, but how about a slide off top for a nice air tight seal? Not a cap, but a slide out top. Imagine a window frame with only three sides so you can slide the pane in and out. Make sense? Since you like to dabble, just an idea.
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    Imperfect Milano humidor from cheaphumidors

    That's gonna change if you hang around this place, especially if you click on this link :mn
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    Looking for pictures of Min Ron Nee's cigar collection...

    Instead of pictures I would like an address and a key. I promise I will host a herf.
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    Mad at Carnival Cruise Lines

    I was on Norwegian in April and they had a nice lounge for smoking at all times. Also every evening for a few hours one of the large forward bars with an expansive view was open for "cigar get together." They also had a jazz band during that time. I cruised on Royal Caribbean back in November...
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    I lost control again

    Looks to me more like you are perfectly in control, rather than lost it.:tu
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    Quit Being a Lurking Gorilla Wanna Be...

    Is this the official "I'm not a lurking wanna be" thread?
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    Exactly what wasn't needed.