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    My Garage aka Cigar Lounge

    I finally finished my cigar lounge in my detached garage :w
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    Wine Coolerdor / Freezing advice

    I currently have a wine cooler hooked up to a temperature controller; using beads for humidity. I also freeze everything I get (-5F for 3 days). My house warms up to 80F during the day while I am at work. Should I continue lowering the temperature or is freezing enough? I do not like how...
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    Floor Standing Humidors

    Thompson Cigar - 'Mother Of All Humidors' I would like to know if anybody has this humidor or has seen it in person and can provide any comments. I only see one picture, so it is...
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    all unwrapped cigars ruined in my local liquor store?

    I went to the local liquor store to pick up some beer for the weekend and check out the humidor (sometimes they have Padron 1964s and I pick one up whenever they are in stock; Spec's in Katy, TX for those who need to know). Anyway, as I was walking towards the humidor I could tell it looked...
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    Independence Day smoke?

    CAO Brazilia and Camacho 11/18 Liberty for me! :u
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    Where do you guys do your cigar shopping (so many places to chose from!)? I have been to the Spec's on Smith St. and one on Westheimer near Voss. They seem to have a decent selection, although I did not check them out enough. I go to Houston 2 or 3 times a month and hope to be moving there...
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    Have you guys ever heard of Brasillora? I got this from my cousin, who gave me a ISOM as well. I can't find any info on it. Sorry if this image is too large.