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    How long was it for you?

    I think I bought my first box about 6 months after I got into premium cigars. I buy a lot more boxes than singles now. About the only singles I buy are when I stop by a B&M when I'm away from home.
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    5 Vegas Series "A" box question

    I've got the same pack on cbid a few times. It's a bundle, not a box. For the price, I can deal with not getting a box.
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    New Neighbor hates my cigar smoking

    It's situations like that that make me glad that my nearest neighbor is across the road about 75 yards from my house. Even that's a little close for my tastes. Before I moved to my current house my nearest neighbor was about 2 miles away.
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    Good Golfing Cigar?

    I mostly smoke Flor de Oliva toros while golfing. I tend to keep my cigar in my mouth and chew it while I'm playing golf, and I'd rather not smoke something expensive that's going to tick me off when I have to toss it because it gets too slobbered up.
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    Whats your favorite 5 vegas series "A"? *POLL*

    I liked all the one's I've had, but I mostly smoke Anomalies and Atomics.
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    Sancho Panza

    I like the double maduro line a lot. For the price, they're great.
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    how many at one sitting before no taste...

    I don't think I've ever smoked more than 3 in a whole day. In one sitting, the most I ever smoke is 2, and that's a rare occurance. Any more than that just fries my mouth and I don't enjoy them.
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    Favorite summer drink

    Cold beer. If I had to pick one as my summer beer, it would probably be Sam Adams Summer Ale.
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    What do you have picked out of the 4th?

    I'll probably smoke a Padron 2000 at some point during the day.
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    The economy and cigar budgets

    I haven't been buying much lately, but it's mostly because I'm out of room to store cigars. I haven't been hurt much by the slow economy. The high gas prices have affected my driving habits, but they haven't cut into other areas of my budget yet.
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    Sugar and Smoking

    If you're willing to try natural, unrefined sweets, honey would probably work.
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    Getting married need smokes..... Badly

    I'd go with Padron Londres if you want something decent. They can be had for $55 for a box of 26. If you want to go really cheap and still get something that's a decent smoke, I highly reccomend Flor de Oliva. A bundle of 25 toros is under $35.
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    Padron Londres

    Londres are one of my go to cigars. I just bought another box. For the price, they're almost impossible to beat.
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    mouth cancer

    I don't worry about it, because the risk is relative to the number of cigars you smoke, and I usually only smoke 1 or 2 a week. I'm sure my risk of developing oral cancer is higher than somebody who never smoked at all, but I doubt it's much higher.
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    Whats your favourite wrapper?

    Maduro, Sungrown, and Corojo are my favorites, but I smoke just about everything but candelas from time to time.
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    What do you listen to while you smoke...

    I listen to classic rock or sports mostly.
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    best value connecticut wrapper cigar?

    5 Vegas Gold and Cu-Avana; both can be had cheap and they're both pretty good.
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    Montecristo Media Noche???

    I've smoked a couple of them. Both had very tight draws, but were otherwise decent. IMO, there are much better maduros for the price.
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    How often do you Smoke

    I average about 2 a week. I can't seem to find time for much more than that lately. Even when I have loads of free time I usually only smoke 5 or 6 a week.
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    Little smokes

    I smoke Padron Corticos fairly often. They're pretty good, but kind of expensive for a small tinned cigar.