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    Looking For Particular Cigar

    i actually have about a half box of these. while they are good, the majority of the ones i smoked so far have beenhard packed with a very tight draw. if you really want them you can have the 10 or so i have buried in my cooler.
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    smokeless cigars & pipes ... good grief

    i dont see the point, but i also wouldnt give somone crap about it either. then we would be no better than the non smokers who give us crap.
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    Smoking Outdoors

    i like the diablos for a fishing cigar. they are fairly mild and they dont leave a heavy coating in my mouth which would make me want to get a drink.
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    Natural by DrewEstate - Clean Robusto

    do all of the naturals have the sweetened tip ? i tried one of the smaller sized ones a few months ago. i actually enjoyed the unusuall flavor, but i hated the sweet tip.
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    The economy and cigar budgets

    just bought my first house, and i just dont have the extra money for smokes any more. i have about 100 or so left in my cooler so hopefully i can work out some kind of budget before they are gone.:tg
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    How hot is "too hot"?

    i smoke between 11pm and 3am, but im a night shifter so im wide awake at those hours. cool, quiet, and relaxing. :tu
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    Are you the newest newb...? (PART 3)

    winning this contest will completely open the door to world of cigars. trust me. :tu i might even have to pitch in and offer a 3rd place prize to help someone get their foot in the door. :ss
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    Punch Rare Corojo Double Corona

    i pick up 2 robustos from my local B&M that had really yellow cellophane. have yet to try them.
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    Troop Raffle - Need Nicks - Have Pics

    mines on the way, and i forgot to put my little note in the box. already sent a PM about it. :D DC# 0307 1790 0002 6947 7639
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    Troop Raffle - Need Nicks - Have Pics

    jeez im sorry, i was expecting a pm too. will ship mine out tomorrow.
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    Xikar cutter 1 day deal

    saw this one day deal and figured you guys would like to know about it. :tu
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    Not the biggest Pepin fan..There, I said it..

    i have only tried the blues so far, and i didnt think they were that good.
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    Black Ash?

    i had a h uppman yesterday that had a white ash, but after about an inch the wrapper split horribly. after removing it the binder left a black ash. it was an intersting contrast.
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    ugliest on CS?

    heres my offering. my g/f says it turned out ugly but i dont think its that bad, so you guys be the judge. its started out as an h.uppman humidor (with the 3 trays inside) that i won from dball's newest newb contest. long story short, i dropped one of the trays and after gluing it back together...
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    i hear grape cigars are the way to go

    so im at the gas station yesterday, and the kid in front of me is buying 3 bags of andy capp cheddar fries, a giant slim jim, a half gallon of iced tea, and 1 white owl grape cigar..... i dont think he was after the fine flavor of white owl tabacco. :hn
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    one hell of a cigar ad !! *NWS*

    jeez, quite the controversy...:mn
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    People smoking cigars on youtube

    its is weird, and i can see why the real reviews are hard to find on youtube.
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    one hell of a cigar ad !! *NWS*

    link fixed:chk
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    one hell of a cigar ad !! *NWS*

    im trying to find one :D
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    one hell of a cigar ad !! *NWS*

    damn that was quick. you guys really missed out:tu