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    Blue Label

    On thoughts on Blue Label Torpedos
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    Sol Cubano Maduro

    Have any of you guys tried the Sol Cubano Maduro Toro. If so any thoughts
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    Just got a box of Cienfuegos Engine No. 6., as a gift Can anyone give me their thoughts
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    Advantage 65%rh

    It seems that I have read and heard that most want to keep their rh at 65. Is there any advantage to the rh than say 70 or is it just a choice
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    Los Blancos Primos Torpedo

    Can anyone give me some insight on these cigars
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    Lighter or Matches

    I have heard the it is best to use a lighter that uses triple filtered butane. If true, why so. Thanks for help. Still trying to educate myself
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    Anyone using a Xikar round digital hygrometer

    Just bought one and the temp does not seem to go below 78. I know the temp in my room is below that. I am on my second salt test
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    Best way to fight cigar breath

    Sometimes the test lingers around in the morning. What is the best way to minimize that after a late night cigar
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    if my hygrometer read 67%rh and 81 degree F, how can I lower the temp or is ok at that reading
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    Cigars in or out of plastic when putting in humidor

    Just set up my humidor. what do most suggest on keeping the plastic on or off
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    Fall River - Old Firehouse Smoke Shop

    Old Firehouse Smoke Shop 116 Rock St Fall River, MA 02720 508-678-2185
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    Newport Beach - Siglo Cigar Lounge

    Siglo Cigar Lounge 1000 Bristol St. N Newport Beach, CA 92669 949-553-1891
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    Champion Humidor by Craftsman

    I just ordered the Champion humidor by Craftsman. Can any of you guys give me some thoughts or reviews. This is my first humidor. Thanks for the help