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    Choosing between cigars

    I just discovered this and it helps. Check out the cigars you like and rate them, 1, 2, 3 etc. Then see what the filler(s) tobacco is, the wrapper, and length can be an indicator, too! I have discovered that I like anything Nicaraguan...seems to fit my palate. So, now when I choose a cigar...
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    Life of the Mind; Life of the Leaf...

    Liked what you had to say...however, be careful how you use my LAST NAME! My name is Chuck Leaf, yes, LEAF. So when you comment on my life, please consider the name has belonged to me for almost 70 years! All kidding aside, I, too, am a retired fellow educator, h.s. administrator for 25...
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    Recommend a new cigar based on my top 3 please

    Camacho SLR maduro Gurkha Grand Envoy (cigar international brand) Gurkha Triple Ligero La Gloria Cubana ...any, but serie R #4 and #5 tons of and I will give you more suggestions if you want. Best, ylo2na
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    benchmade pepins

    Dont worry about the price or anything else....just light one up and smoke it! When you consider taste, it is a goooooooood smoke! When you throw in the price, it makes it a great smoke! And, when you consider the maker, it is an outstanding smoke. So for taste, price, and maker, how can you...
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    What are some good bundle cigars at CI?

    The Ovation cameroon bundle by Alec Bradley for $40 is really a great smoke. I hesitate to tell anyone about them because they might be all gone for me.... Ylo2na
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    What is THE best cigar?

    There are lots of great, fairly inexpensive cigars out there that would be great in any humidor.... Joya de Nicaragua Celebracion and Antano Ovation by Alec Bradley (cameroon) Gurkha Grand Envoy and Triple Ligero and Vintage Shaggy Edge lite Cuvee Rouge La Gloria Cubano Serie R #4, #5 San Luis...
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    CI Sale / Ghurka Question

    Somehow, the Gurkha Grand Envoy was left off the list. For me, one of the best Gurkhas' ever! Great taste, great burn, great price. Dont miss this one! Ylo2na
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    Anybody tried the Victor Sinclair...

    If you can buy a Victor Sinclair, buy it because it is worth the time for the price. Nice smoke. Especially like their tins for a short smoke. Again, they are worth it! Best, Ylo2na
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    Need a little education on Gurkha cigars.

    I, too, had the same thoughts about Gurkha until I discovered these two top brands in their line sold at CigarInternational and are on the Devil Site, Cigarbid. Gukha Grand Envoy (any size) mild/medium delicious smoke that is right all the time. Fair price, less than $3 when you bid them...
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    Poll- How Many Cigars Do You Have?

    Am on a quest since I began smoking about a year ago...the last count was over 18k. Ylo2na
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    Am a new guy to this site and that was a great message. Well said! Look forward to reading and learning more with my b/sotLEAF! Ylo2na