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    Modern Marvels - Tobacco

    Anyone catch it last night on the History Channel? I only saw part of it and was interrupted a lot, but they showed patches of the rolling process and interviewed Carlos Jr.
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    Azen Neo lighter...just like its owner

    ...ugly as sin, tough as hell, and holds a lot of gas. I really beat up on my stuff, from my truck to my cell phone to my lighter. Plus I always carry a couple lighters when I'm out in the woods. So I wanted to get a lighter that I wouldn't mind abusing and probably losing, but one that...
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    Possibly the greatest humidification system ever built

    My humidor got a little roughed up during my move back home, and because of that, it no longer has a perfect seal. Its usually in the basement, so the RH was spot on during the summer. Lately, its been a different story. So, I decided to make myself an "active" humidification system. Design...
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    Your palms will get hairy and you'll...

    ...go blind now too :confused:
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    First cigar..

    ...of the fall tonight. And probably one of the first this summer. Opened the humidor for the first time in a while. Still holding at 68% after months of neglect. Grabbed a Torano Tribute that looked good, and took my new smoking buddy for a walk. This was the first cigar in a while that Ive...
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    Humidor 101

    A bunch of guys have asked me to write about building your own humidor (wooden, not Edison-a-dor), so I figure Ill just put it in one big post for future reference. Hopefully some of the other guys on here (MattK, Gordon, Im talking to you) will chime in with some of their hints and suggestions...
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    Tonight, while smoking a Torano 1916, I noticed that there was a tunnel in the ash running parallel to the cigar, right under the wrapper. I am pretty meticulous when it comes to checking for beatles, since I cant afford to lose a single precious cigar. There was no hole or anything like that...
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    it gets worse,2933,107695,00.html I can't believe it, but I agree with the ACLU. I better put my fingers through the Xikar for typing that.
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    picked up some Between the Lines and Xtra Viejo Coronas for pretty cheap, $13 and $6.75. I have never had either, but something tells me I should get back there bright and early and buy whatever is left. Any thoughts??
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    CAO eXtreme lancero

    thank god this is a limited edition. I used to love CAO, anything they made was gold to me. This is made by perdomo (a topic that i dont want to start on :sb ), and the construction is terrible. pre-light draw was tight, but it wasnt plugged so i felt it was off to a relatively good start...
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    La Tradicion Cabinet Series Perdomo Reserve X Maduro...what a mouthful

    First off, I am biased. I have had many problems with Perdomo's quality, even in the eXtremes that they do for CAO (everyone who has had the eXtreme lancero can attest to this, Im sure). That being said, after the first inch, this one started canoeing on me. Two touch ups and we were back in...
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    anyone using the oasis? my self-prescribed therapy after my surgery this christmas will be to build myself a nice cabinet humidor, about the size of the aristocrats, to hold about 700 cigars. What do you guys who have ones this size recommend for keeping it nice and moist inside??? Cigar oasis...
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    Anyone ever do business with Bonita Smoke Shop??? I ordered some boxes from them last week and FedEx has no record of them being shipped as of today. Just looking for someone to say everythings going to be humi is running dangerously low on cigars.
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    Torano 1916

    Tried the 1916 Cameroon today in the churchill size. First half inch was very boring, almost tasteless, but after Medium bodied with a nice starchy sweetness and nuttiness to it. Im generally not one to pick out every little taste in a cigar, but these were noticable. An excellent...
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    JR Alternatives

    Anyone ever try these? What did you think?
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    cigar construction

    Ive been wondering this for a while now. I have never really experienced a great taste change in a cigar towards the end (been smoking for about 5 years....2 if you are going to prosecute me for underage smoking)...until tonight. I had a CAO Cameroon Toro, which Ive had many times, and the taste...
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    Better debate...

    Im conducting this on behalf of Entertainment Tonight
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    Better debate....

    Better Debate.... Conducting this on behalf of Entertainment Tonight
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    Cao Mx2

    Does anyone know when these will be available? PDS, I read your review and Im assuming you had yours at the RTDA show (lucky bastard).
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    I'm back

    After the summer off from school and posting, its good to be back on the forum...and even better to be out of New York where the national guard is deployed when someone lights up. Time to go read through some of the posts Ive missed