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    Indian Tabac Tomahawk Maduro

    A beautiful 6x52 maduro cigar with minor veins showing. I paired this with a BJ's Grand Cru, Belgium Strong Pale, 10.2% Initial taste was a good tabacco, leather, semi sweet maduro flavor. Started off with a nice medium body, light spice, very smooth. Medium amount of white smoke, firm...
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    Mesa - Habanos Torres

    Tim is the man! He rolled us a bunch of "ugly sticks" for our herf. No wrapper, just like the old days he talks about. There was a good turnout of about 12 or so.
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    RP Sungrown Petite Perfecto

    I clipped the tip, not the foot. I've only done that once when I was outside in the dark and a little under the influence. :al And the construction is usually great. Sometimes the ash can get a little flakey, but thats not the norm. And you're right Mike, the cat is out. The last cbid auction...
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    You guys better be right!

    Fixed for accuracy! :tu I just won my first box ever. It's all downhill now.
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    RP Sungrown Petite Perfecto

    Having 2nd thought about posting this review since it's my favorite and has been very reasonable on the devil site. :tu Rocky Patel Sungrown Petite Perfecto - 4.5" x 49. Nice oily wrapper with minor veins and a beatiful shape. Had been stored at 70*, 68% for about 2 weeks. Outside conditions...
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    Looks like C-Bid is using UPS again

    My last Cbid shipment came by USPS in 2 days. I was very surprised as it usually takes 4-5 with DHL.
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    Favorite Sun Grown wrapper cigar?

    RP petite perfecto and Ashton VSG top my list, but I haven't tried the Perdomo Reserve yet.
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    Perdomo Lot 23 Belicoso Maduro

    You're right. Now that I think about it, it should be rated higher than your average 'ok' cigar. On the CA scale I would give it an 88. Definate bang for your buck stick.
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    Perdomo Lot 23 Belicoso Maduro

    My first review! The devil site forced me to buy a fiver of these and I had to give one a try. My first cigar ever was a natural lot 23 robusto and I enjoyed it, not really knowing what to expect. Over the last 6 months my tastes have developed into knowing what I like or don't. I think I'm more...
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    Phoenix, AZ

    Count me in for Habanos Torres.