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    Total Surprise

    I woke up this morning only to discover a surprise package sent to me from Tzaddi. When I opened it up, my surprise doubled. Wow, I had no idea this was coming my way. Thanks Richard!!!
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    Oliva Package.

    Well first I would like to thank Ian.H for sending me some very very nice cigars. I was totally stoked to see they had arrived on Saturday. He sent them to me b/c I had a bad experience with one of the "G" series sicks.well after my last experience I can say that I like these sticks very much...
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    review on "OLIVA seris G"

    This is my first review so here we go. actually it was my first trade. I spotted a "Oliva series G" From my brothers humi. It caught my eye right away. It even had me thinking I'm gonna stop at the B&M and get one for home. well it turns out my bro hooked me up. All I had to do was give him...
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    My Vacation...

    Well I wasn't planning on using a vacation day today at work. But something happened with Natural gas being leaked and the gas company came over.(another way long story). after that ordeal was fixed. The wife went to bed. Me I went down the basement and relaxed.I got some great gifts this year (...
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    I need an ashtray.

    Made just for cigars. plain & simple. jr<><
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    The Young pup joins

    Well I'm new to the cigar world. I have smoked a few times before. But I always got the super cheap cigars like "Garcia Vegas" I prefer the milder taste of a cigar. what would some of you more experienced smokers prefer? I do like the padron's they are very nice. HR