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    Which Online Retailer Do You Order From?

    I've been using Atlantic Cigar more often, They have my go to's cheaper than any one I've found so far. And I also order from the usual suspects. Famous, CI. Brian...:ss
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    how have you spent your day so far

    One of the local B&M's had a Macanudo event today unveiling the Macanudo 1968. I was very surprised on how good this cigar was, very flavorful with some kick. I've never smoked a Macanudo before, From all the reviews I read, I thought they would be to mild for my taste. When I read that a cigar...
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    Please help out a cigar newbie.

    Season the humidor for a week and get some beads from Heartfelt and all your worries are over. Brian...:ss
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    CI free shipping code? this is the only one I know of. Where did you see a free shipping code ? I didn't see any thing in the sept catalog . Brian :ss
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    Saint Luis Rey Reserva Especial Toro

    Saint Luis Rey's are my daily smokes. The Belicoso are the best in my opinion. At around $57 a box you just cant go wrong. Brian :ss
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    Man my colibri sucks...Need a reliable lighter!!!!

    I've been useing this lighter for over a year now. It's been a very dependable lighter. I bought three for under 10$ . Just a great lighter. They are the best..:ss
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    Oust Fan substitutes or alternates???

    Had to get mine off ebay. They seem to be quite plentifully there.
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    Edge Counterfeits vs X-Outs.

    :tpd: Holts has the Edge off color as well. Seems like 7 out of 10 rolled are rejected, Maybe Rocky needs to get better rollers.?? Or is their something up ?? Brian :ss
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    Flor De Oliva Maduro Toro

    The naturals are a pretty good smoke. But I'd rather not smoke, than smoke another maduro. I bought a bundle of these last Christmas and just forced myself to smoke the last one a short while ago. rh 65% temp 70 they never got any better. I think I may have permanently damaged my taste buds.. a...
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    some suggestion

    Try a Omar Ortez original. Very good Nicaraguan. Full bodied with a real punch to it. Great cigar Brian..:ss
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    Trying to find a nice 2 finger case for Dad

    Or maybe this Look for one with enough room for a large RG cigar Brian...:ss
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    Trying to find a nice 2 finger case for Dad

    how about this one Hope this helps,, Brian
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    Weekly Shipping

    Im finding it real hard to make a bid on some cigars from Cbid. The auction ends tomorrow would not ship out till Thursday, So they would be sitting in a ups hub till monday. I'm a little concerned about that. Was wanting to hear the thoughts of other members about this... I know most people use...
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    Arrrgh You B@$tards! Lol!

    Just do the research, And you'll be fine. After you fill the humi and fill a cooler then you'll start looking for the sales more often.. Cbid is a great place to get started, but soon you'll see how foolish some people are. Sometimes I wonder if cbid isn't behind some of this over bidding...
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    Before and after CS

    That's the way I started. One year later im in a 60qt cooler. When they go on sale this fall I'll be up grading to a 120qt, If I can hold out that long. Brian..:ss
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    Edge Sumatra

    Holt's Is haveing a sale on the Edge Sumatra. $ 74.99 for Toro's and Torpedo's. I've been wanting to get a box for some time now. A sale was just the excuse I needed. Better get on them before their gone forever. (If this is in the wrong place please relocate)...
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    Taking down my Walkin Humidor

    Good luck with the re-ferb. And make sure you post pictures Brian
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    Temp question from a newb

    I'd be very happy with them readings. Here in good ole KY under 75f in the summer is hard to come by. Be safe brother...Brian..:ss
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    which to start with??

    Out of the one's you mentioned the Oliva are great, The Padron's, well their Padron's and the Rocky's ant bad. But you need to try all you can. One man's trash is another man's treasure. Happy clouds...Brian