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    Place to smoke in Buffalo

    I will be taking a trip to visit family soon it will put me in Buffalo NY I will be stopping by one of the B&M I know in the area to get some thing nice not sure what yet. Dose any one know any place in Buffalo that lets you smoke a stick and drink a beer at the same time?
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    torches in Afghanistan

    I have tried a couple of different torch lighters here at just over 5000 ft and they don’t seem to work very well has any one had trouble with torch lighters at high altitude? If so any one know a fix. The lighters have gas coming out but when they spark it poofs then gut gas no flame
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    Cojimar Senoras Vanilla

    On occasion I like a flavored cigar but I like to keep them in a reasonable price range, as I seem to taste the flavor more than the tobacco. In trips to the B&M I found that I liked Cojimar Senoras Vanilla. So when setting up the humidor here I decided to get a box. I had not smoked one in...