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    Cigar Smoking vs. Health Concerns

    First of all let me premise this thread with a pre-apology if I'm beating a dead horse here on CS that's been covered ad infinitum. However, being fairly new to the jungle and the world of cigar smoking; and being a 55 y.o. male who is somewhat fanatical about maintaining good health I was...
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    How Are The Vinos Holding Up?

    Bought a 28 bottle Vinotemp about a month ago and so far couldn't be happier. Temp and humidity regulating well. My concern is the long term reliability of these models. I recall prior to purchasing the Vino reading some customer reviews which were not very favorable to the long-term...
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    Today's Joe/MC Afrique Uhuru - Size Difference?

    Saw these for $27.50/10 cigars on Today's Joe. Been wanting to try a cigar from this line. However, both JR Cigars and show this cigar's size at 5 X 47, whereas CI shows it at 6 X 50. Makes you wonder why the discrepency. Anyone know what may be up with that? :confused:
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    Gurkha G3 and Triple Ligero - Same Cigar?

    I noticed on they only have a review of the Gurkha G3 but in the lower right hand corner of the cigar's description they list as a synonym I guess "triple ligero". Are these essentially the same cigar with different names? BTW- with 11 min. left bit the bullet and nailed the Joe's...
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    # of Lbs. of Beads Needed in a Vinotemp

    Just bought one yesterday. Was curious as to how many lbs. is recommended for the Vino. I already have 1 lb of the 65% Heartfelt beads and 2 Oust fans. Will I still need more beads?
  6. M Back Up!!

    Great to see them back on line again!! :tu
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    Necessary to Freeze CBid/CI Sticks?

    I've read that several big retailers freeze all of their cigars prior to shipping them to their customers; JR's being the one that comes to mind. Was wondering if anyone out there knows if CI/CBid does the same? I've been in the habit of doing the 24/72/24 routine, but was thinking there is...
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    Its No Wonder That We Spend so Much $$$!!!

    I've just recently over the last several months delved more seriously into this great hobby of cigars. Only smoke 3-4 per week, but I'm just absolutely amazed at the vast variety of great smokes available. My last 3 cigars for example have been a Punch Chateau L Maduro Churchill, a Indian...
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    Why Won't My Coolidor Hold Humidity?

    I recently set up a 120 qt. Igloo coolidor. Inside I have a 25 ct humi (full), a 50 ct. (full) and a 100 ct. (half full). All humis were seasoned with distilled water and wet sponges place inside for 48 hours. I have 1 lb. (dispersed in 4 seperate pantyhose bags) and a 2 oz. tube of Heartfelt...
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    Sold My Soul to the Devil

    Lost my grip tonight on the Devil Site with the following haul: 5 Packs: - CAO Black VR Moby - $17 - Gurkha Class Regent Nepalese Warrior - $15 - Gurkha Triple Ligero Toro - $13 - Gurkha Ltd. Expedition Series Toro - $11 - Gurkha Fuerte Toro - $15 - Gurkha Double Maduro Toro - $17 - Fonseca...
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    Help With Hygro Calibration/Part II

    I hate to keep bugging you guys with this but I'm still having difficulty getting my Hygroset calibrated properly. Being that we're in the middle of a typical Florida summer our house temps usually run around 76-78*F. I figured too warm for storing cigars so let me put together a coolidor. Got...
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    Placing Humidors Inside Coolidors/Vino-Temps & Humidity

    As I quickly slide down the proverbial slippery slope I am already finding I need more storage space and considering a large cooler or Vino-Temp. I often see pics posted here of both with mesh bags, panty hose, trays of humidity beads in the cooler or wine cooler with closed humidors placed...
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    Confusing Results w/ Hygro Calibration - Need Help!

    Being a noob to the cigar world this is all virgin territory to me, so any help is greatly appreciated. Several weeks ago I purchased a Hygroset Adjustable Hygrometer and a Humidipak 1-Step Calculation Kit. To calibrate I placed th hygro inside the Humidipak bag, made sure the seal was tight...
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    Coolidor and Temperature Control

    I'm a noob here and definitely sliding down the slippery slope. Currently I have a 25 and 20 count traditional wood humidors. However, my collection is growing quickly and to avoid the rut of continuing to purchase more and bigger humidors I think its time to consider putting together a...
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    5 Vegas Apostle - Love 'Em!!

    So yes I am a newbie to the jungle. I've enjoyed smoking cigars on a very infrequent basis for 10 years or so but have really got into it more as of the last several weeks. Tonight I lit up a 5 Vegas Apostle and must say with my VERY limited experience in the almost infinite world of cigars...