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    What NC is most like an ISOM stick?

    I had a Montecristo white label the other night . I thought it was some what a close resemblance.
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    Third times the charm/ How long will you deal with a stick you are not enjoying?

    If I bought it, I will smoke it , regardless. That being said I try to read reviews on cigars I am thinking of buying to try an minimize the chances of purchasing a turd.:2
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    What am I missing?

    I prefer 50 rg or less just do to the the time it takes to smoke it. For me 1 to 1/2 hours is all the time I can spare to smoke with 2 young kids. Robusto's and Corona's are what my humi is mostly filled with.
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    Saturday Mornings

    Kiddo's soccer game.
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    Victor Sinclair Corojo Extreme Flight

    In my opinion there are much better smokes out there than the Victor Sinclair for about the same price.
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    Your humidor vs B&M's...

    Umm.. I would't mind having both.........:confused:
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    Does anyone not like Padron?

    For what it's worth , I'm not a big fan of the x000 lines.
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    Is Your cigar delivery effected buy hurricane Ike?

    They are not far from me. Only about 30 minutes away. We really only got a good soaking rain. I'm sure his operation is just fine. They were predicting much worse in the Dallas / Ft.worth Area than what we got.
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    Is Your cigar delivery effected buy hurricane Ike?

    My Cigar delivery has been set back because of Hurricane Ike. It was supposed to be here today, but do to the hurricane UPS can't give me a ship date. They said as soon as they are back up an running they will begin moving packages. I hope it's not to long.........:confused:
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    Anyone Bought from these guys:

    What ever happened the BOOYAH thing?
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    Humidor Cooling Units

    My temp. stays around 77 and I have had no problems. I wouldn't worry to much about it if I were you.
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    smoke best at 65 or 70 rh

    I prefer about 68 rh
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    Rocky Patel cigars - opinions...

    I Have really enjoyed most of the R.P blends I have tried (Sun grown, Vintage ,Vintage seconds.)What I have noticed is that I have become a bit burned out on the R.P. Line. Those mention and a few others I have tried to me tend to have pretty much the same flavor profile. But definitely not bad...
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    Please help out a cigar newbie.

    I use the crystals, they work fine.
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    Drinks with Cigars

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    devil site bidders

    Last quickie I won were R.P vintage seconds Toro's (15 cigars) for $20.00. I believe that was a good deal. It was on a Sunday.
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    devil site bidders

    Research the cigars you want, place your bid low and set your max bid at or under msrp. Then sit back and hope for the best. I usually bid on the quickies . I have had the best luck on Sundays for some reason.
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    Ashton VSG

    Just lite up my first ever VSG my self. It's 80 degrees out side with a slight breeze. A great day for a great smoke..
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    Favorite Place to Smoke

    Awsome view!