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    Man O' War Churchill

    Great review. I bought a box when they first came out, they are amazing.
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    Warped Anubis Conn. Shade...

    Thanks for the review!!
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    IHRC#5--Warped Cigars--Anubis Corona Gorda

    Thanks for the review! These I believe will do amazing with some age on them. They were rolled about a week ago, so they are very fresh. I already put aside a rather large stock of them to age till the new year, see how they are then. PM me!
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    IHRC#5--Warped Cigars--Anubis Corona Gorda

    Amazing review! Thank you!
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    Opus is in..

    One of mine had the 2007 Opus22 and thats all. The other shop didnt get anything in.
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    Opus is in..

    Guess im gonna check my B&M tomorrow and see what they have.
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    Opus is in..

    I see your in Orlando, which shop? I swear if its Corona I am going to kick myself, because I was to lazy to drive there when I was at UCF this weekend.
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    Orlando - Corona Cigar Co.

    Ill be in Orlando next week(if Ike doesnt kill us all by then, haha), so I am defn going to stop by.
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    Vinotemp 28 bottle on sale @ Target $149.00

    Picked up another Vino today, im running out of space in my apartment, lol. Ill have to get rid of the couch for more cigar storage room, lol.
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    man o' war dud

    Here is a review I did on them. They are an amazing cigar, I smoked one right when they were delivered and it smoked wonderful.
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    I'm done with Rocky Patel Blends

    2 years ago, I really enjoyed the Vintage line, but now they just seem to have a one tobacco rich flavor, thats all. I tried a Decade a few days ago, was let down in a big way. Never tried a Sungrown, but its on my list of things to try.
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    Rehoboth Beach

    Alot of people only believe in vinegar for fries, frown upon ketchup. Good to know all my favorites are still there :).
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    Rehoboth Beach

    Awesome, my family is considering going back next summer. That golf course was awesome, had many good times up there as a kid. What about Thrashers? Please tell me they are still there. Best fries ever.
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    Rehoboth Beach

    Went there every summer since I was 2, love the boardwalk. My family was going to go this year for summer vacation, but we went on a cruise instead(cruise sucked). I miss it, is Grotto pizza still there?
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    Opus X!?!?

    I love Opus, by far my favorite cigar. I had a Perfection X with 4 years on it, it was by the far the best cigar I have ever had. I tend to hunt them down, keep them in my humidor for 1+ years before smoking. I dont like them fresh, but with age on them they are amazing. I do love the Anejos as...
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    Finally took pics of the humi

    That is alot of Opus. I envy you.
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    back to school...

    Went back today, cant really get into the feel of it. This was my first entire summer off, been doing college all year for 2 years straight. Ah well ill adjust.
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    Winston Churchill Chequers

    Well I picked this up a few days ago, because I was looking for a higher end cigar I have never tried, this just stuck out at me(mostly because of the name, haha). I noticed there were not many reviews on it here on CS, so I thought I would write on up. Winston Churchill Chequers 46 x 5 5/8...