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    Xikar cutter 1 day deal

    saw this one day deal and figured you guys would like to know about it. :tu
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    i hear grape cigars are the way to go

    so im at the gas station yesterday, and the kid in front of me is buying 3 bags of andy capp cheddar fries, a giant slim jim, a half gallon of iced tea, and 1 white owl grape cigar..... i dont think he was after the fine flavor of white owl tabacco. :hn
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    one hell of a cigar ad !! *NWS*

    if this is not allowed then i apologize, but i just saw this on youtube and figured you guys might wanna check it out before they take it down. enjoy :ss
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    slooow night at work leads to empty pockets

    so slow that they said it was cool for me to go home, so i went to the B&M instead and spent my last few $$$ :hn :tu. on a side note, how do they get they little design below the master blends label ? is it some sort of food dye ? i thought it was pretty cool and thats why i bought it. :ss
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    I wish Cbid was more complicated to navigate

    then maybe it wouldn't be so easy to bid. i keep thinking ehh, its only $9. next thing ya know you ya have 9 bids going :hn. im actually glad i lost the other 4. de Grisogono Torpedo 1 of 1 at $9.00 WON T. Mercedes Preferido #2 Maduro...
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    rocky patel x-outs

    just noticed these on CI. im asuming the Liga A is the edge, Liga B is the sun grown. but what about Liga C D and E ?
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    i have found another benifit to sharing smokes with other people.

    not only is it cool to be able to trade at a place like this, but the mail lady is SMOKIN hot. shes very friendly and smiles at me every time i drop off a package. it certainly brightens up my day. :D
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    has anyone tried the T. Mercedes brand ?

    i see these on cigar bid and for some reason i keep wanting to bid on them. they always go for cheap which makes me think they probably suck. has anyone tried them ? also, has anyone had a cheap cigar like this spark their interest for no real reason ?
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    free book for someone new to cigars

    just finished reading this book and its very informative for someone who is new to the world of cigars. so if your just starting out and would like to read up on the hobby thats about to empty your pockets, this is a good book to start with. if your interested post a reply and in a day or 2 i'll...
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    how much smoke do you pass through your nose ??

    earlier today i had a rocky patel vintage 1990. i found myself blowing almost entire mouthfuls of smoke though my nose since it was so smooth and lacking any real spice, and man what a great flavor. just now i finished a don lino africa and while i enjoyed it, i was only passing a small amout of...
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    can you use water pillows more than once ?

    can they just be redipped in water to reactivate them ?
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    my xmas present to myself !!

    was at the mall today trying to finish up my shopping but i got skunked on what i was trying to find. oh well, thats what visa and the internet is for. anyway, it left me $100 in my pocket so i figured id go get a box of smokes for myself. i felt like a tool grabbing just about every box to find...
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    my first mold problem, help !!

    i just had my cooler open and noticed all 3 of my drymistat tubes are getting mold on the crystals. now im nervous. i assumed these thing were not supposed to grow mold. what should i do ?? can i rinse them in alcohol or do something to kill the mold off ?? :confused:
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    what exactly causes "spice"

    that hot pepper like burning sensation in your mouth and through your sinuses. is it a chemical thing (like peppers), a nicotine thing, maybe something else ? today i tried a camacho somthing or other (black label) that was super super spicy. i didnt really enjoy it that much cuz all i got was...
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    my local B&M is having a drew estate event on friday

    should i go ? i tired one of the acid cigars and i did not like it at all. it smelled horrible and tasted like my grams house. are any of his other cigars worth a try ? should i just go and try and snag some freebies ? what are these events typically like ?
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    cigar shops and black friday ??

    do cigar shops tend to have black friday deals like other stores ?
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    padron londres vs the 2/3/4/5000

    are these the same cigar just diffrent sizes ? i picked up a box of the londres on sunday for $47 and i was wondering why they were so much cheaper than the others.
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    bought my second box already, against my better judgement

    had dinner plans with the g/f tonight, but she was asked to work for someone who called in sick. so i decided to eat off the mcdonalds dollar menu and spend the extra money on, well..... another $50 clearance box. it was a mix of 7 maduro and 15 natural singles repacked in a box. when i saw...
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    is there anything to look out for when getting a cooler ?

    locking lids, drain plugs, any brands that dont seal very well ? sounds dumb, but i want to make sure.
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    scored my first box today !

    so today i decided to go pick out some more smokes to try from the B&M as you guys say. took a bunch of change to a coin start machine and had $42 to devote to my new hobby. so off i went, browsing each and every shelf to see whats what and picking out things that looked good, all while trying...