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    Vinotemp 101

    I'm just wondering IF you could pull out the inside plastic shell and replace it with a cedar shell would this unit still hold the interior temp and humidity? Also could someone please explain why you would need a fan inside? If you're storing boxes what good would it do to have fans running?
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    Need help finding a lighter

    Mine has lasted for the past 12 months. The piece of $hit colbri lighter that my wife bought me for $45 lasted about 3 months plus the ronson is about $3.
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    Who Have You Herfed With???

    A few but I'm sure I couldn't list them all. BlueHavanna2 Tech-Ninja spooble cre8tiv1 Heliofire discdog the alabama crew (That one was a blast) Everyone who showed up at the Prof's going away herf (That one had some GREAT eats)
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    Cigar holders past and present

    I found this link while searching for a cigar nubbing tool and thought some of you might enjoy looking through what some people have used to hold thier cigars with.:tu
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    Cigars you've never had!

    Way too many to name because I've only been doing this a little over a year. One I haven't tried but will in the very near future is a Davidoff. I'm curious to see if they are all they're cracked up to be.
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    Partagas Spanish Rosado San Augustin

    Thanks for the review. It reminded me that I'm almost out of these and they are good!:tu
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    Romeo & Julieta 1875

    I started out on these. If you get the chance try one of the R&J Habanos. Thanks for the review.:tu
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    So what would you do?

    I have had the glass shattered in my Avanti wine cooler and have moved the smokes back into the cool-a-dor. My question is would you replace the glass if I can (I got a deal on the Avanti - only $40.00 off of Craig's list) or buy the Vinotemp at Target or just keep the smokes in the cool-a-dor...
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    What do you do with your labels

    I've only been smoking for little over a year so what I do with mine is I have three baby food jars, one labeled yes, one maybe and one hell no and I keep track of all the cigars I've been trying this way. PM me if you want some bands for your project. You may also what to do a search for the...
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    Anyone smoked a JDV Cigar?

    A friend of mine was RAVING about some cigars he got down in Florida from JDV cigars and I was wondering of anyone else had tried them? Nothing came up on the search. Thanks.
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    Recommend me some cigars based on my likes/dislikes - Noob wants advice

    :tpd: Plus a Anejo Shark if you can get your hands on one!
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    New Vinotemps Set-up!

    :tu When is the herf in Hillsborough ?:ss
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    Best Combo Lighter

    You may already know this and if so sorry for repeating this but whatever you do DO NOT BUY A COLIBRI!!!! They totally suck. IMHO :ss
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    What cigars are you ageing ?

    Just got my first wine fridge and two boxes are in route (wow! only a year since I bought my first desktop humidor. Damn this is a slippery slope) and I was wondering what everyone else was buying to age. I'm know everyone's tastes are different and the two boxes I have coming are what I like...
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    I odnt have a hygormeter

    :tpd: After all he IS a doctor!
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    Rocky Patel Decade

    :tpd: I thought it was over rated but that's just me. Glad you enjoyed your smoke.
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    What's the price barrier that makes you baulk?

    $10.00 for a everyday smoke. Depends on the occasion on how much I'll spend on a special cigar. Most I've ever spent was $25.00 for a smoke. I bought two of them and smoked them with a friend of mine before he went off to Kuwait. There are a TON of smokes to try for under $10 and I'm still in...
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    whats your favorite 3-4 dolar cigar

    :tpd: plus Gran Habano #1 Connecticut & Hoyo De Monterrey Dark Sumatra
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    Best cigar ever

    I have friends like you and I'm VERY luck to have them just as your friend is! :tu
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    Life of the Mind; Life of the Leaf...

    Thanks for the blog. Not enough people in the world using that "pithy" word. Nope, not nearly enough I say!